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Thread: "Any Interest In Importing Data From The Yahoo Group"

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Any Interest In Importing Data From The Yahoo Group

Norm Rhines

As Microsoft and Yahoo have there moments, I am wondering if we should add a file section to the WOA? and if so, should we import the files from the yahoo group?

Also I cleaned up and sent Arron the links from the yahoo group; he noted that he would work on it when he has time.

Lastly there are a few pictures there (yahoo group). The option to put up picture has always been there and it does not to seam to grow to fast. I.e. is there an easy way we could get this function on the WOA?

The yahoo group will stay up, but THE WOA has been maintained WELL these last years 2+ and as such, is the better site, as there are no adds to distract.

Aaron Norlund


We can make files available in the Member's section. Our message board does not have a photo board or anything, so the easiest way to host pictures that people could add to on their own would be through a third-party software (Picasa, Flikr, etc...), and just have it linked from the WOA site.

Also, I can't find an email from you with the links. I can probably just get them off the Yahoo website (I remember talking to you about it.)

I don't have much time to put into the site right now - I'm bogged down in school. Perhaps come winter break. I am going to try to get online payment setup some time in the next couple of weeks. It's just a matter of finding a few free hours to do it.

Fair leads!
Aaron N.

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

I just finished uploading 2 more manuals to the Yahoo site. I'd be happy to load them directly to the WOA site if that's possible. Just point me to where they should go.


Aaron Norlund


We don't have a method for letting members upload files directly to the website. Perhaps in the future we can look into an all-inclusive PHP forum such as Cruiser's Forum, but for now the only way for the site to be modified is by direct access by the "webmaster".

I've noticed the files on Yahoo and will try to make them all available in the member's section.

Aaron N.

Michael Dougan

Just keep an eye on how much space our website's contract allows, and how much we've used. I believe that you'd do that through the Control Panel.

I know at one point we were very close to our limit, and I was able to delete a bunch of stuff we didn't need, but, we keep saving our Windblown, which eats up a MB or two each time, so, at some point, if we upload lots of data, we either have to upgrade our webhost account or clear out more stuff.

Personally, I'd love the site to be repository for all extant material on Westsails.

For pictures, it would probably be best to deep-link to something like Flickr or Picassa.

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