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Thread: "Question About Bob Stay On A 42"

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Question About Bob Stay On A 42

Jeff Malmgren

I just looked a Margareta a 42 in Anacortes WA. the price was just reduced to 54K Seemed pretty low so I went to look. The bob stay has been hit real hard and is bent pretty bad. My question is what is involved in replacing it. When it hit it also damaged the bow sprit....Are there any of those to bee had if a guy buys this boat....

Bud Taplin

I can make up a new bobstay fitting for about $225. The bowsprit should be able to be straightened out by a metalworker, or a section cut out and a new piece welded in.
The price is VERY low. Can't understand why, but the seller must be anxious. She is still advertised on my website at $99,500, which is what the owner was asking when he put on the ad.

Jeff Malmgren

Bud, The other thing odd about this boat is it has what looks like gel coat crazing all along the waterline (cracks about 2-3 inches long) any ideas there

Bud Taplin

Typical of gelcoat that is now over thirty years old and brittle. Most boats need an LP paint job by now.

Jeff Malmgren

Thanks Bud, My boat yard guy is asking if there is picture of what the bob stay looks like or how it is installed so we can get an idea of how it is bedded in the hull.
Thanks a million

Bud Taplin

Cneck Page A-8 of my Westsail Service Manual for a description of the bobstay fitting and its installation. If you do not have the manual, let me know and I will email the page to you.

Jeff Malmgren

Bud, I do not have one if you could e-mail one that would be great. Thanks Jeff my e-mail is

Jeff Malmgren

Bud, on the topic of this boat it is hull #7 was the original name Margateta and do you have any thing on record about this boat? Thanks

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