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Thread: "Aries Parts"

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Aries Parts


Hi All- I am getting ready to mount the Aries that I picked up and realized that I have no chain or tiller chain clamp. Has anyone come up with an alternative to the stock pieces that might be able to be purchased here in the states? Thanks!


Dave Kall

I never used my chain setup that Aires had. I mounted a small 3/4" T track on the bottom of the tiller. Then put a sliding bail on the track. Aft of the track I put two jam cleats. With the sliding bail I could easily adjust the leverage of the control lines and with the jam cleats immediately cleat or uncleat the lines.

Worked great. I would first add the windward line as the boat had a little wx helm then add the leeward line.

Michael Dougan

I've always been envious of Dave's setup, but have never tried to duplicate it. I have the chain and chain clamp for mine and it works out well, except that the chain is hell on the tiller's varnish if you're not careful. Moving the chain one link at a time through the clamp allow for micro adjustments to the helm. Works great.

Don't know of a source of parts in the US. Have you tried contacting Helen at Aries? I bought a number of replacement bushings from her a while back.

Don Montgomery and Lana Nelson

Dave, do you have any pics of your setup????

Dave Kall

When you come by in the next day or so I'll look for some pics. I'm sure I have some and then I can discuss them w/ you on how we did it.

Fair Winds

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