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Thread: "Rendezvous In No Cal"

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Rendezvous In No Cal


I haven't seen that a rendezvous is scheduled for this year...I'm a new Westsail 32 (Dharma Bum) owner and would enjoy meeting other owners and seeing their boats.


Hi Ben - I think that it's generally been scheduled for later in the year - like October. But hopefully your posting will wake some folks up, and I agree with Terry - pick a date and a marina, announce a Rendezvous and we'll help you with getting the word out plus cash and prizes!

Terry Shoup

If one isn't planned, then host it yourself! Seriously, I hosted the Southern California Rendezvous my first year, and while it took some work, it was worth it. I'm willing to offer whatever help I can in getting it started, and Colleen is also there to help. As they say, "It takes two boats and a six-pack!"

Bud Taplin

The Northern California Westsail rendezvous will be held on October 4-5 at San Leandro Marina. I will be doing a mailing this week.


The 2008 Northern California


October 4 and 5, 2008
California - San Francisco Bay Area
San Leandro Marina

Contact: Greg Johnson for information
Cell phone: 916-689-0060

Welcome! All Westsails, Westsailors and those who wannabe. Bring your boat or just yourself. We have dock space for all boats (but please LET US KNOW if you are bringing a boat). Early Birds can come Friday and stay through Sunday.

Rendezvous Schedule:


Morning: Westsails and wannabe-Westsailors arrive. Look for the Westsail flags fluttering from masts! Join us on the dock for coffee and donuts/danishes/bagels. Registration on the dock.

9 am? Noon: Boat visiting.

Noon? 5 pm: Bud Taplin gives his infamous two-beer surveys and prowls the docks and boats with ideas and insults galore?Lots of visiting and ogling?and maybe a WESTSAIL MINI SWAP MEET !!!!! That is if you bring your junk, collectables, used or unused stuff or more to trade or sell to other Westsailors. We?ll array them on the docks. We will also have some tee shirts, decals, hats, and other stuff from the WOA for sale.

6:30 pm: Drinks and dinner at the San Leandro Yacht Club. Cost per person: $15 for chicken and $20 for steak; not including drinks. Kids under 12 are price. There will be a drawing with prizes and who knows what else. Open to suggestions for a talk by someone interesting.


Morning? Breakfast at the yacht club. Cost per person: $10

Bon Voyage all day!

Coming and Going?

If by sea:
San Leandro Channel: The approach is pretty straightforward but remember: YOU MUST STAY INSIDE THE CHANNEL MARKERS. Unless you want to hang out in the mud until the next tidal change. The marina entrance is at 37 40.30 Lat, 122 13.29 Long. After entering the marina area, turn left into the marina itself. We will monitor channels 9 and 16.

Tides for the weekend:
Oct 4?5:23 am H 5.3 10:07 am L 3.3 11:16 pm L 0.5
Oct 5--6:41 am H 5.2 11:06 am L 3.6 4:30 pm H 6.6

At low mean tide (0.0 ft.) the marina has about 2.5 to 3 feet in the shallowest area by the fuel dock. So at 10:07 am on Saturday there should be about 5.5 to 6 feet of water

If by land:
Exit the 880 Freeway at Marina Blvd. Exit west. Continue on Marina Blvd. and bear left at the Y going into the marina. Turn right on Mulford Point Drive for the San Leandro Yacht Club, which is the first building on the left. Look for the Westsail flags flying on the boats. There are gates at the docks, so call the host owner or wave us down and someone will let you in. For out-of-towners, the Oakland Airport is very close. The San Leandro Marina Inn is directly on the water next to everything. They can be reached at 800-786-7783.

The more boats, owners/crews and wanabees the better.

See you there !

Bud Taplin

I just did a mailing of a flyer to all owners in the SF Bay area. If you do not receive a copy, or if you are from some other part of the country and want to come, let me know.


hi! as the past host let me know if there is anything i can help with. cheers, randy W32 tortuga

Bud Taplin

Randy, We know how good you are at twisting arms of vendors to get goodies to raffle off. I am sure Greg Johnson would appreciate all he can get for the rendezvous.


sure. Greg let me know who you have contacted already. thanks!


Hi all: I am a new westsail 32 owner. I bought this boat as a project never having sailed on one before. Is there a chance I could crew or stowaway for a ride to or from the Northern California Rondezvous. Alan


Randy-sorry it took so long to get back to you. We sent out requests for donations but as of yet only two have come back. Call me on my cell: 916-869-0060
Thanks Greg


Randy-sorry it took so long to get back to you. We sent out requests for donations but as of yet only two have come back. Call me on my cell: 916-869-0060
Thanks Greg



I look forward to attending the rendezvous on Oceana...I'll be bringing my two kids along.
Do I need to sign up?



David---I know the yacht club would appreciate a dinner count early so here is their website: www.sanleandroyc.org.
I spoke with the club today and they have 12 slips for us right now and more if needed.


For those who are planning to berth at the San Leandro Yacht Club for the Rendezvous the Commodore, Dale Snearly, needs information on the number of boats attending along with the length and beam. Dale also said that they can change ou the plugs from 30A to 50A as needed. Please send your information to: gjohnson@cityofsacramento.org and I will forward it to the yacht club.


Anybody in the Bay Area want to crew over to the Rendezvous with me on either Friday or Saturday?


Here is a link to my photo's of the Nor Cal 2008 Rendezvous.




Thanks to Greg and Randy for their work in organizing the Rendezvous and also the San Leandro Yacht Club for their hospitality and meals.

Good to see Bud again and hear his stories as well as seek his advise.

Nice to get caught up on the travels and boats of the Bay Area Fleet.

There were several folks that are there looking at purchasing a Westsail and they got to sail with some of the boats.

Thanks again to Greg and Randy...

Terry Shoup

Can someone pull together a good write-up of the NorCal Rendezvous, with pics? I've done it for SoCal for three year (with help from Colleen) and I know it can be a PITA, but this is part of the organization.



Working on the writing part and also the names.


I have posted at the link below my movie of the 2008 Rendezvous but w/o any music.

Special thanks to Julie Focha and Javier Kim for some of the photo's.

http://picasaweb.google.com/jaybietz/MovieOf2008WestsailRendezvousNorthernCalifo rniaNoMusic#



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