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Thread: "Any Recommendations On Foulies"

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Any Recommendations On Foulies


What are recommendations for foul weather gear. There's a lot of opinions out there. Buy the best, generally Musto, always Gore-Tex, as its worth what it costs. I might go this way if I can get one of the Navy ones on e-bay for 2 or $300. On the other end is something along the lines of buy a cheap durable set as the knees on the expensive sets leak and Gore-Tex does little to get rid of the humidity on the inside when it?s 100% humidity outside.

Terry Shoup

I have the Explorer stuff from West Marine, and while it's fine for the coastal stuff I do here in Southern California, I'd want something better for serious off-shore sailing.

Aaron Norlund

West's Ocean Explorer and extreme explorer series are good. I like them as much as my old Musto gear.

Used them yesterday, actually...went from smooth sailing in 15kts to ~50kts in horizontal rain.

Aaron N.

scott caskey


Is that West or West Marine Ocean Explorer and Extreme Explorer. I couldn't find anything from a google search.


Norm Rhines

Just another point of ref.

I have not any luck with items LABLED west marine! They ware out in less than one season this is not to say west marine does not sell good products manufactured and labled by there manufacturer but I have had very bad luck with west marine labled products.

As for the foulies I use an unlined set of Heneri Lloyd's which have worked for me as I layer under them for the cold and they are still usable when it gets a bit warmer.

Just my 2 cents

Aaron Norlund


Mine are manufactured for West Marine and labeled "West Marine". My father is somewhat satisfied with his 3rd Reef line, but I feel my "Ocean Explorer" series is a better value. They are a touch warmer, but seem to be made of stronger material and seems. However, I can't find the Ocean Explorer line on the WM website.

In general, I've had success with the WM brand foulies. My "Ocean Explorers" are on their third year and still repel water, even after being washed in a machine a few times. They fit my body well, have adequate good pockets, and I like them. Also, I especially like their boots. Some don't because they don't have arch support or man-eating treads, and they're floppy, but they work well for me. Add a Dr. Scholls liner and they have arch support! Plus, I like the floppyness. Really easy flexibility.

Hope this helps!
Aaron N.

Aaron Norlund

After further research, I found them.

They have two lines:

Coastal Explorer

And the discontinued Offshore Explorer line.

I currently have a set of offshore explorers and like them. I have owned the Coastal Explorers and like those, too.

Aaron N.

Tom and Barb Koehl

For those of us who are former Navy types and gravitate towards such items, I found that the Royal Navy foul weather jackets are nice and you can score one on Ebay for about $70. They are dark blue Goretex with reflective shoulder stripes, drawstring hem and waist, hood in collar, inside elastic cuffs and all the other features you expect to keep out the water. Sizing is British in cm for height and chest size. They replaced this model a couple of years ago so the surplus market in the UK frequently has them. I first saw them back in the 80's and was jealous that we still had the crappy WWII vintage olive drab jackets that were not waterproof! I think the USCG has a similar foulie now.

Michael Dougan

I've got Gill and it is the most comfortable jacket I could imagine... breathes well, has a fleece collar, ample protection around the wrists, good pockets. You warm up a bit when you put on the bib overalls, but sometimes that's a good thing.

George and Rayna Shaunfield

As with many things, it is cheaper to buy quality the first time around. A few years ago I decided on Gill OS5 Key West jacket and more recently the bib trousers. I have put them to a couple of serious tests and can testify that they kept me dry, yet they are breathable. In other words, I have been pleased with the choice. The Key West series is designated for offshore/coastal sailing. It has knee and elbow reinforcement.


My buddy just picked up a new set of Musto on ebay for 180. They're sold frequently by Naval students who picked them while studying at Annapolis. I, embarrassingly, paid almost twice that for the same thing in a large a week earlier. Come with Navy logo and colors.

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