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Thread: "How-To Video"

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How-To Video

Frank and Melanie Scalfano


I think that you could make a few bucks if you made a video on the care and handling of Westsails.


Bud Taplin

I do have a couple of videos available. One is of lowering a tabernacle mast. Another is of cutting and installing a cockpit sole hatch. I also have some from the Coast Guard of Satori during the "Perfect Storm". Also the promo video that Westsail created when they were in business. All of these are on CD.
I do not feel it is worthwhile to spend the time and money to hire a photographer and create more videos.

Terry Shoup

What I'd like to see is project (like mine to replace the boomkin) in a step-be-step process.

I'll do the boomkin one and make it available, if anyone is interested. I can also do one on changing to toilet paper roll, if there's any interest.

Ralph and Sandra Weiland

The gross returns from a video for the audience represented by the WOA would be an extremely small fraction of the cost. Now, if someone wants to be really altruistic and do it as a labor of love... wow! On the other hand, if people took video of tough tasks like an engine removal, caulking your teak deck, removing a fuel tank, etc. and made it available on the WOA website, that'd be wonderful. Maybe Aaron N. might consider starting and keeping an archive of such videos --- could prove a great resource in future years.


Terry Shoup

Although the idea of a video of changing a roll of toilet paper was tongue-in-cheek, I do thing that a few step-by-step shots during a major project would be of benefit to all of us.

Bud Taplin

Yes, I do have a DVD burner on my computer and can make copies of any of the DVD's that I have. I do charge $10 for a DVD to recoup my costs, and that includes the mailing cost.
Of course, I also have the CD of the Westsail 32 Factory Construction Manual. Unfortunately, the other construction manuals (W28, W42, W43) have not been scanned in, but I do have printed copies of them.

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder


I have your mast-lowering video already. Are the others you mentioned for sale as well? They all sound interesting and, if not too expensive, worth having just for the heck of it if nothing else.

Jay Bietz

Another way to to this is to share photo's using Picasa from Google. You get a free 1G of space and a small app to install locally on your computer that assists with uploads.

I have posted some photo's of Pygmalion etc.


Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

I'll contact you back channel about the DVDs. Thanks,


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