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Thread: "Cape Horn On Bud's Stainless Boomkin"

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Cape Horn On Bud's Stainless Boomkin

Aaron Norlund

Hey all,

We are participating in the CH group buy. We intend to replace our wooden boomkin with one of Bud's stainless ones and I would like to know how the Cape Horn mounts to this. We're going to have a custom stern pulpit made and I want to make sure there will be adequate room for the vane to move without impeding our ability to access it.

If you have a Cape Horn installed on a stainless boomkin, or have pictures of boats with one, please post them or email to me. Detailed shots would be great. Also, if you have an idea what the boundaries are, please describe.

Thank you very much for your time!

Fair leads,
Aaron Norlund

Terry Shoup

Add me to the photo list! Maybe even post some shots here for all of us to see.

Bud Taplin

I have pictures of a Cape Horn mounted on one of my SS boomkins.

Aaron Norlund

Hey all,

Here are two pictures Eric at Cape Horn sent along of an installation on one of Bud's boomkins:


Fair leads,
Aaron N.

Aaron Norlund

Oh, his message may be of us, too:


The tower of the unit will be 65" high. With around 20" underneath the boomkin, it will leave around 45" of the tower above it, which will be sufficient to avoid conflicts between the vane itself and the pulpit. If the pulpit surrounds the hole boomkin, make sure to keep 2" clear aft of the boomkin for the tower. The toprail can also surround the tower, as you can see in the photo below. On this photo, the diagonal struts reaches the hull. we dont do it like that anymore. They will be shorter and will reach the SS boomkin with a greater angle, providing a stronger fastening.


Terry Shoup

In the second photo, it looks like the boomkin has the tabs for thew Monitor wind vane, but the supports for the Cape Horn don't fasten to them. Do I understand the note above to say that Eric now ties into those? I need to order my boomkin from Bud, and I want to know if I should have the tabs welded on -- if Cape Horn uses them, no problem, but if they don't I can save a couple of bucks by omitting them.

Bud Taplin

Terry, I always have the tabs installed on all SS boomkins. Never know what kind of windvane will wind up on the boat. Evidently Eric agrees with using the tabs to attach the lower support struts instead of going all the way back to the hull.

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