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Anchors For W32

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Looking for advice on anchors for our boat. What are people using ....?
We are on the Oregon coast.
Thanks for any input

Aaron Norlund


I have experience with the CQR, Delta, danforth-style, fisherman and the new Rocna. We currently have a 45lb CQR as our working anchor, but intend to replace it with a Rocna 15 as soon as possible.

- The CQR works OK, but doesn't set reliably. It feels fine when you're setting it, but if the wind comes up in the night, I find myself waking up to check bearings often as I can feel it creeping.

- Delta is better, but has similar issues.

- Danforth is super in mud and sand, but is big and doesn't fit on the bowsprit. Terrible in weedy/grassy areas, which we have loads of here. Good stern anchors though.

- Fisherman only works well in rocks, but is better than any other there. I intend to have a two-piece fish in my bilge when we go north.

- The Rocna though, is a truly amazing anchor. I used one aboard a friend's Tayana 55 for a couple weeks. It sets hard every time in seconds and does not drag. It's an amazing advance in anchor technology and I swear by it. I also can sleep well with it because I have seen it hold that big boat steady in 60kts wind, all on its own without particularly good holding or scope. I call it the "sleeping pill".

The Rocna won't fit well on the standard box bowsprit W28s and W32s have, but can be sucked up tight enough to be safe, albeit a bit gawky and in the way. We intend to replace our square, deck mounted bowsprit with Bud's exterior, tubular bowsprit to enable us to carry this anchor (as well as ease the entrance to the bowsprit for my folks).

If you're going to buy a new anchor that will fit well on your boat, go with a Delta. Don't buy a knock-off anchor, such as the Manson line of CQR and Deltas. They do not make the anchors up to spec. However, Delta and Rocna anchors are on par cost wise; I know which way I am going. I'm sure one could find a way to safely care the Rocna on a standard bowsprit. Even if you left it hauled taut on your bobstay when coastal and removed it for ocean passages, I think it's worth it.

To check on Rocna anchors, go to:
Rocna Anchors

We will carry the Rocna as main, a small danforth on the stern, and a fish and perhaps another. Hope this helps!

Happy hawsing,
Aaron N.

Dave Kall

As an FYI, when we had our 32 we carried the Danforth 22ht tight against the bobstay. Never a problem.

I found the 45 CQR much more reliable than the 35. Don't have any comparision to the Rocna but would caution to make sure you're comparing the same weight anchor to the same weight. Also; I'm not sure they're both optimimized for the same scope ratio.

When we deployed our CQR we set it going slowly about a knot down wind. We would let out the scope we wanted and then I would snub it up on the sampson post and spin the boat. If for some wierd bottom she wouldn't grab I would know it; and when she did grab, 20k lbs for boat going pulling on it and coming to a stop and spinning would set it great.

Fair Winds

ps this was all in Florida and the Carribean.

Fred K. Cheney

Hi ya'll,

Just got back from a 3 week sailing trip to the Bahamas on a 35' cat - had alot of squally weather, (up to maybe 40k at times at anchor) but the Delta worked great... I know the cat's alot lighter a boat than ours, but has more windage I would think - it set just right every time and never dragged... next time I'll post a report on how it workes on MY boat...

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Thanks for all the input - keep it coming!

Gary and Charlotte Burton

What size Deltas are people using?

Jeff Matthiae

Primary: 44# Bruce
Secondary: A100 Spade (20#)
In the bag below deck: FX-23 Fortress

Aaron, If you don't mind I'd like to see a picture of the Ronca under the tubular bowsprit when you get that far. I really like my Spade but kinda kick myself for not getting the steel version. And with the exchange rate the price for a Spade has gone beyond were I'll probably be willing to go.

The Bruce and Spade fit real well together under the tubular bowsprit. They pull up nice and snug and I can launch or retrieve either with no interference from the other. The Ronca is similar to the Spade but has the addition of the roll bar, I'm just not sure how well that will pull up underneath the bowsprit. With a good roller off the front of the bow (doesn't apply to us) I think it would be a great anchor to try.

BTW, I looked at the Ronca specs. If that is going to be your primary would you maybe want to go up to the Ronca 20?


Don and Margaret Lacoste

My two cents worth is the 33lb Bruce anchor that came with our W-32. It was our primary anchor of choice for most of our winter cruising last year. The boat also came with a 46lb CQR that I used only once when we were waiting out a storm outside of Belhaven last November. I only had 100 feet of scope out in 18' of water. We had sustained winds of over 50 with gusts into the 60's. We did begin to drag a bit and I decided to move the boat forward and angled away from the Bruce and deployed the CQR. I might have been just as well off with the Bruce by adding another 50 feet or so of scope.

If I were buying, I would consider the next size up Bruce.

Rich Morpurgo

45 delta and 3/8ths hi test chain. Works great in the bahamas.. I was able to watch our 45 cqr drag and drag when I dove on it.

When I switched to the delta, I was astonished with the difference. I stowed the cqr...

different places are different though. I am talking about sand and light grass over sand

Rod Lawson

I've used a 45lb CQR and a 35lb Bruce. After using both and doing some research I gave the Bruce away. The Bruce anchor's design origins are from oil rig anchors and to be really effective they need to be big. My personal view is the 35lb is too light and I would choose a much larger one. As for the 45CQR it has held me in some serious blows without dragging. Something to keep in mind though is that anchor effectiveness is not about the anchor alone but about the boat's anchor system which includes everything from the shackles, chain and rope. I've seen an anchor setup with tiny undersized shackles with no mousing. The anchor system is only as reliable as the weakest link.

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

I became a believer in the Bruce anchor for some bottoms while cruising Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The bottom is kind of rocky and the CQR just would not get a bite and hold. Sort of as a last resort we tossed the Bruce over and I'll be damned if it didn't hold us nice and tight on the first try. That became our primary anchor the rest of that trip. This was on a friend's 39' Jay Benford double ender and the Bruce was not particularly large, probably about a 45 pounder.

Ken and Debra Bridger

On Satori we used a CQR 45lbs. and Bruce 15Kg. We used the Bruce and 5/16 chain rode nearly all the time. If I used proper scope and backed down to set I did not have problems. Mostly sand or mud. Some very experienced skippers prefered the Delta. Ken

Michael Dougan

I have a 45lb CQR as my primary anchor, and that is all I've ever used on my boat, but anchoring in mud works out just fine with it. I have an all chain rode.

I also have a Bruce as a secondary, not sure the size, at least 35lbs, maybe more. Haven't needed it yet.

Down in the Caribbean, I had trouble with a CQR in sea grass, but took the dinghy out 45 degrees and dropped a Bruce in a sandy spot and it was the one that held us through the night.

I've heard great things about the Rocna, but mostly from Rocna dealers :-)

You should consider the type of bottom that you'll most often be anchoring in, and find out what setup is best for that environment.

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