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Thread: "Dodger"

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Mike and Ivana Meyran

I am looking to have a dodger made for my boat. I have a quote from a local guy, but was wondering if any "prefab" options exist. In other words, is there a canvas guy out there who does regular work on westsails, has the templates and does it for a reasonable price?

I am considering having the dodger material on my boat replaced. The frame is still good. I'm worried about the expense. So, if you figure a way to save a nickel, please advise. Again, you have a clean slate, and I have to work with what I've got.
Randy K.

Colleen Crystal

Mike - there is a discussion thread about dodgers, and some links to suppliers who've already made them up,and photos under the General Discussion tab, dated 3-06-08. I saved the pictures and links, because I need to get a dodger at some stage. I've also been looking at Sailrite's dodger kits. I think for an extra fee Sailrite will sew the canvas portions, and then you install the frame and canvas. I've been thinking I could handle the sewing - but since my newly made-up (self-sewn) mainsail cover (also from a Sailrite kit) is just a bit snug (measure twice, right?, I might reconsider and have them make it up.

Mike and Ivana Meyran

I understand that about half the cost is in the frame (although the math never works out), so you are further ahead than I am Randy. Thinking back to my days as a young lad working for a sailmaker/canvasmaker, the brunt of the work is building the template to get a real nice snug fit. A lot of paper templates, and back and forth from the loft to the boat (time). Installing the frame and dodger on the boat is not such a big deal. Colleen, thanks for the link (I missed it!). Randy, I will let you know if I find a shortcut - there always seems to be one..
following seas,

Ralph and Sandra Weiland

Would it not help financially to be able to use the old cover as a pattern for the replacement?

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