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Thread: "Termites"

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visitor (Guest)

I am looking at a W32 currently and it is clear that termites are present. They have eaten a small bulkhead or partition of timber at the very front in the bilge approx 10" X 10". I can actually hear them munching away throughout the boat and wonder if this would be a structural problem as the W32 is a glassFibre boat. Is there anything structural in timber that they might be able to eat and if so, what should I look for. I would appreciate any info on this. Should I dismiss this boat completely or is it just a matter of fumigating?

Bud Taplin

It is hard to believe that you can hear them munching.

Termite damage in the furniture or trim is not a structural problem, and fumigation should take care of the termites, and saturating epoxy resin would seal and strenghten the wood.

If the termite damage is in any of the structural lumber, such as bowsprit, boomkin, subfloor stringers, main structural bulkheads, etc., then the wood needs to be replaced after fumigation.

In the case of the bowsprit and boomkin, I would recommend going with the stainless steel ones I have available. The rest of the damaged wood can be cut out and new pieces scarfed in, sealed with epoxy resin, and painted.

Ted & Cynthia Crocker

Check out my website ( http://home.earthlink.net/~muthaiga/ ). If you have any questions, send me an e-mail. Bottom line: If I were to do it all over again and I saw visible evidence of termites, I would demand core samples (maybe x-raying would work) of the deck core or move on to the next boat. The good news is Westsails have solid glass hulls ;-).

PS. I would guess the munching sound is from little shrimp or barnacles echoing through the hull.

visitor (Guest)

thanks for the advice.

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