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Thread: "Scuppers , Kit"

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Scuppers , Kit

Jay Wehr and Tony Yang

Hi Bud, Nice to see so much support for the W32. Amazing! I have contracted to close next week on my next project boat. The hull # is WSSK00780273 . Though the hull number indicates kit boat, current and origanal owner state whole heartly that she was built at the factory. Any info on that? I can't see any indications of a homebuilt here. Lastly I am befuddled by the lack of scuppers to get water off the decks. Am I misssing something? Was she actually built to take most of her water into the cockpt to drain. There are NO lee side scuppers except one on each side near the rear of the doghouse structure. I imagine I will have to install some. Any suggestions on the best locations to mount 3 or 4 on each side. Thanks for your help here. Jay

Michael Dougan

Hi Jay,

Bud can give you the official word, but as far as I know, we all just have the two scuppers where you have indicated.

The high bulwarks keep water off the deck most of the time, but our nickname is "Wet Snail" afterall.

I find that the scuppers drain the deck fairly quickly, even though I have cockpit seat backs that function as a sort of cockpit combing and keeps large volumns of water from flowing into the cockpit (I do have some drain holes at the bottom of the seat backs, so, some water does come through).

Gary and Charlotte Burton

The early boats like the one Jay has aquired had only 2 small scupper drains going through the bulwark and not recessed into the deck like the later two moulds.....

Michael Dougan

ahh! That would make quite a difference.

Gary and Charlotte Burton


Gary and Charlotte Burton

My goodness that looks rude! Scroll to the right

Gary and Charlotte Burton

PS - That is not me ;)

Bud Taplin

W32 #78 did go out as a factory finished boat. It was originally ordered as a kit, but the buyer changed his mind after the hull was laminated. I should know, as I was responsible for her construction, and have the records.
I have fiberglass tubing available if you want to add some additional scuppers. Contact me directly at btaplin@westsail.com

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