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Thread: "Leveling Hull..."

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Leveling Hull...

Neil Rogers

We want to ensure that the boat is set level to the waterline so when we start working on it we can build the interior level. Where should we measure from and what is the distance to the waterline? Do you have any suggestions on what the best to go about leveling the boat?

George and Rayna Shaunfield


The easiest way is to use water in a hose. You can either use a garden hose filled with water and position the ends at bow and stern, or buy 40 feet or so of 1/4" translucent or transparent tubing and fill it with water. You can level from side-to-side and then secure the tubing to the bow and stern to level that direction.

Best of luck in your building,
s/v Wings of the Morning

scott caskey

The water level sounds great but how do you assure the boat is blocked to match it's true orientation in the water? Is the waterline parallel to the bottom of the keel?


Ralph and Sandra Weiland

I think Scott's question is "Where's the waterline?" On an unpainted hull it's not marked so there has to be a reference line somewhere to locate it. The bottom of the keel is the most obvious reference. So is the waterline (fore and aft, not port to starboard) parallel to the bottom of the keel, or does the keel fall slightly as one moves from stem to stearn, and if so, how much?


Tom Crank

Block it so the water line is level. Assuming the boat will ride on her lines this will make your interior level.

Rich Morpurgo


You use the water line to loop all the way from gunnel port to gunnel starboard and fill it with water until it is level on both sides.


Rich Morpurgo

bud has measurements and I think they are in the construction manual. this gives the measurement of how much higher the caprail at the bow is over the stern. With your water level you can then set the fore and aft hight.

side to side will be obvious.

Bud Taplin

I am in Idaho "sailing" our condo, but I will answer anyway. The hull should have a scribe mark on it for the waterline. Use the bottom of the two lines. If you cannot find the scribe line, contact me by email and when we get done sailing here in Idaho, I have the dimensions at my office. Do not use the bottom of the keel.

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