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Thread: "Fixer Upper For 19K"

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Fixer Upper For 19K


http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/pl_boat_full_detail.jsp?slim=quick&boat_i d=1282906&units=Feet&currency=USD&access=Public&listing_id=13304&url=

Might make someone proud one day.

I saw it on an auction site (it is from Charley)

bid less.


W32 jasmine

Rod Lawson

Interesting post, but what is curious is the name is the same as the one on Bud's website for $49,500.00. Could it be the same? What are the chances of more than one person calling their boat this?

Tom Crank

Reverse the name and it is "super •". My bet is it was damaged by Charles, Insurance company paid up and salvage company is selling the boat for the insurance co. Seems like a good value given the level of damage shown in the pictures.


it is a Charley insurance boat.

probably mostly cosmetics.

If I didn't have one, I would check this out.



many more pictures at the yacht salvage website


another W32 hurricane victim is for sale. http://www.usauctions.com/BoatDetail.aspx?BoatID=5521

Mike McCoy

Whew... that Westsail took it on the chin! Looks like the boom was torn off? Looks like pretty much everything is either broke or bent. And I mean *everything*.

Anything can be fixed but restoring/repairing this one could be prohibitively expensive.


I always thought the hulls were "bulletproof" too.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Hi Guys,
I'm a maritime lawyer and went through the insurance salvage hull search years ago when Hurricane Alicia hit Houston. I was unsuccessful after months of searching.
What I learned. There are no good deals to be had unless you want to work from a gutted damaged, muddied up, hull. The scrap value of lead alone will kill you as a prospective buyer.

Mike McCoy

I've always thought there would be a business opportunity for someone to salvage all the unique fittings specific to some of the older boats (including Westsails). Sort of like the 'architectural antiques' biz. I know of one company that specializes in reproduction Herrishoff hardware

Or maybe even (older) teak for that matter but certainly the bronze hardware, portholes, locker knobs/latches/catches, stanchions, etc., i.e. the 'little' stuff you need for a restoration that you simply cannot find/buy/replace today.

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