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Thread: "Rigging Of Staysail"

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Rigging Of Staysail

Carl Jackson and Ruth Houlihan

Hello, this is my first post (I'm a new westsail 32 owner in Ireland) and I apologise if this is covered in another thread. I searched online and could not find this anywhere.

My question is around the best way to rig up the staysail on a westsail 32 with the staysail boom attached. My specific problem is how to connect the staysail to the staysail boom at the clew end. Does anyone have a good picture showing how this is rigged. At the moment, I have a rope tied to the clew and brought back to the bow end of the staysail boom. This does not seem to provide much tension nor can I loosen or tighten it while under sale.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


Ralph and Sandra Weiland


Here's a photo of the stays'l outhaul with a hand positioned where the line passes throuigh the clew. outhaul You should have a block on the top of the stays'l boom which will allow you to set up the outhaul as shown. Hope this helps.


Carl & Ruth


Thanks for the very instructive photo, I believe I was missing the larger block on the boom which allowed it to be rigged that way. There was a smaller block (tiny little pulley) already on there which was confusing me during rigging. Your photo is much clearer, you have a significant sized block there to take the outhaul. I will try this out over the weekend and see how it works.

Thanks for the post.


Michael Dougan

I'm not sure that you need that much tension on the stays'l foot. I just lash a shackle to the end of the boom and pull the clew taunt and put the shackle into the cringle.

I suppose you'll get a little more performance out of the sail, if you can adjust it for different conditions, but I'm not sure how much.

Mike and Ivana Meyran

I tend to agree. Not sure how often you would want to go fwd to tweak it anyway. Maybe I am just too lazy, but you option seems simpler. I is working for me so far.

Norm Rhines

A bit of extra info:

When you reef the stay you need to extend the length of the clew line as the clew needs to move forward as the sail goes down.

Also this line is released when the sail is taken down.

All comments are based upon the original high cut Stay sail.

Best of luck:

P.S. I use a jam cleat about where his finger is, this is operable from the mast.

Ralph and Sandra Weiland

My stays'l outhaul is led forward to a block near the swivel of the stays'l boom and is then led aft through fairleads ending up right alongside the cockpit so adjustment is pretty easy without leaving the cockpit. As a proverbial fiddler with sail shape, it just gives me something extra to fiddle with (;>). If you don't fiddle, you can always cleat it off to a cleat on the boom, but then you have to go forward when furling.

Brian Duff

A lashing is typically sufficient for staysail outhaul control (use 3-4 passes of dyneema 1/8" line and it will be easy to adjust even under load). The Harken big bullet block shown in the photo is probably undersize for the ultimate load the staysail will be expected to handle offshore. A tackle maybe used for compulsive fiddlers, however.

You will not have to release the staysail outhaul lashing when furling if you use a 'jack line' on the first few piston hanks at the luff of the sail.
JACKLINE: line running along lower luff of sail to which slides or hanks are attached. Facilitates reefing and furling of sail.

Norm Rhines

I have to add a bit more on My experience with the stay sail.

1. I have the jack line in my stay and I still need to release tension on the clew, if I have flatened the sail.

2. Any thing less than 1/4" line is hard on my soft hands.

3. The Jack line is required to be in place to allow my jiffy reefing system on the stay sail to work. The operationof the system is also done at the mast base = end of boom.

Ralph thanks for the routing as I am thinking about changing the stay to a roller furler type.

Hope this helps:

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