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Thread: "A Few Questions"

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A Few Questions

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

My W32 is pretty well stripped or will be soon. We are on the hard. I have a list of questions, some of which I think you have answered in some format or another. I thought maybe this would be a good format, if you don't mind trying some quick and dirty answers.
1. Should I coat the bilges with epoxy?
2. There is an obnoxious protrusion on the external hull below waterline, port side of the engine room, a cooling coil of some sort. May be attached to a refrigerator system, (Seafrost?). What are my options for ditching it to reduce drag on the hull? Does it matter?
3. Do you recommend epoxy paint as a bottom paint? Seems I remember something like that.
4. As to the cockpit floor options of splitting it into two pieces or installing a hatch, which seems to be working better?
Thanks for all.

George and Rayna Shaunfield


I would offer a suggestion regarding question 3. Based on experience here on the Texas coast, I can attest that Pettit Trinidad is very effective and long lasting bottom paint. My boat is in brackish water (as I expect your's is) and I got 5 years of effective coverage on my Cape Dory. That is also what I applied to my W28 after barrier coating the bottom.


Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Ahoy George!
Thank you very, very much for the input. Petit Trinidad became my favorite bottom paint pick just last week. Long list of past favorites. I have not commited yet. Too busy pulling engines and fuel tanks. But almost everyone says Petit Trinidad is the best antifouling plus she'll be on Clear Lake, brackish. Same paint was recommended to me by a yacht broker in Key West, by the way.

Bud Taplin

You could use epoxy in the bilge, but a good one part paint will work fine.

The coil on the outside of the hull is obviously a heat exchanger, probably for refrigeration. If it is not connected to anything on the interior of the boat, then best to remove it and plug the holes.

Ask the boatyard manager what bottom paint works well in your area. They should know.

As far as access through the cockpit floor, either method works well. Your choice.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Thanks Bud,
Got it. Got the engine room painted today. Could eat off of it.

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