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Thread: "Stern Pulpit"

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Stern Pulpit


Does anyone have a stern pulpit that attaches directly to the gallows? I've seen pictures where there is a gap and they are connected with a little bit of life line. Is that as good as it gets?

Aaron Norlund

Balance (what is your name?)

You can get clamps to go around the 1" tubing of the lifeline-style pulpit and around the gallows frame. Put these on the ends of a length of 1" SS tube and you have a a rail between the pulpit and boom gallows.

Aaron N.


Why, Blahman, I am Balance. Or...Nanette


Still looking for a stern pulpit...


Or a recommendation for a local (CT) welder?

Edward and Susan Crawford

doesn't Bud supply these any longer? I got one from him a while back he supplied everything to attach to boom gallows. Except for the lousy trucking company that bent the crap out of it and the bow pulpit it was a great product.


Yes, he does. I was just hoping to keep the cost down by avoiding shipping. In fact, you've just confirmed I'm better off getting it done locally. The reason the shipping is so expensive is because it has to have a crate built for it to be trucked. It has to be crateed and trucked to avoid damage during shipping. Hopefully Bud will take no offense to to this. Certainly, none is intended. Obviously your story had a happy ending?

Edward and Susan Crawford

I happen to love beer and it shows. When they arrived I took pictures then layed them out and jumped on them with my big fat butt. Low and behold it worked. then Bud,God bless him, got me a credit from the trucking company. The moral is drink lots of beer and buy from Bud

Bud Taplin

The cost of truck shipping for larger items is a real problem now. We try to find a reasonable trucking line, but the rates vary greatly. Depends on the location, and whether the trucking company has a terminal local to where the part is being shipped, or if they have to turn it over to a local shipping company for final delivery. Also sometimes it is better to have it held at their terminal close to you, and you pick it up there.

No offense if you can find a local fabricator to avoid the big shipping cost. Fed Ex ground is still the best for smaller parts, and sometimes flat rate priority mail works best.

Freight costs bother me as much as they do you.

Clyde and Patricia Nickerson

I had to replace my wooden bowsprit. I had a local welder make one from the measurements in drawings in Bud Taplin's manual and it fit my Dreadnouught 32 perfectly. Granted we made it from heavy aluminum instead of SS so it is not as shiny, but much less expensive. We put a small stand or platform at the end and I can easily work on the roller furler if needed.

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