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Douglas and Jody Frye

Going to add a profurl this summer and need a new head sail, is Kern Ferguson still around? All you Super Yankee flyers, are you happy with it or is a 300 sf yankee a better all around head sail?


Joshua Siegel

Last week I installed my new Mainsail/Staysail and Yankee from Kern Sails.. His Tele # is 946-645-7741. It can be a challenge tracking him down....it's worth the effort.

I borrowed a friends Super Yankee for a few weeks. The afternoon summer winds in San Francisco Bay (25-30 kts) are too much for the Super Yankee. I went with the Yankee....last week we had winds on the Bay hitting 40 kts and the Yankee needed to be reefed. Soooo I guess it depends on the predominant wind conditions you'll be sailing in.

Good Luck and Fair Winds.

Hull #373
Brisbane, California and Portland, Oregon

Douglas and Jody Frye

Thanks for the reply Joshua, congrats of the new set of Kern sails. Your point is well taken, and could your be more specific about the Yankee you choose.

Olympia WA

Douglas and Jody Frye

Joshua, from your experience with the super yankee, I decided on a 300 sq ft yankee instead. Ordered from Kern. Thanks for the info.


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