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Thread: "Boom Topping Lift"

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Boom Topping Lift

Michael Yuille and Rosemary Wilson

Bud - maybe an obvious question but...I can't tell from the manual where the cable for the boom topping lift attaches to the masthead. Unfortunately we put the mast up without appreciating the significance of the nicely coiled vinyl coated wire that the previous owner labelled "extra" cable 39.5 ft! Since I have to go up the mast now to attach it, I want to be sure I have the right stuff with me. Can you or anyone else advise? This is a mistake we won't make again!

Bud Taplin

On most of the masts there is a 3/8" diameter clevis pin on the aft end of the welded head fitting on the top of the mast. Ahead of the 3/8" pin is the 1/2" pin for the backstay. However, the topping lift on a W32 is normally about 30'-6" of 1/8" vinyl coated wire. This allows for a small block to be at the lower end of the wire, and a 3/8" rope going from one side of the boom end, through the block, and back through a cheek block on the opposite side at the boom end, then forward to a cleat on the side of the boom near the front end. This allows adjustment of the tension on the topping lift.

Michael Yuille and Rosemary Wilson

Bud - how long is the clevis pin for the mast head?

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