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Thread: "Three WS32s In Long Beach, CA"

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Three WS32s In Long Beach, CA

Chuck Lanham

Does anyone have any knowledge of the three 32 footers located in Long Beach, CA listed on Yachtworld? The prices have been reduced on all three to $23,500.00. They are finally reaching my price range. I want a fixer upper. Now I just need to figure out the cost difference between sailing them through the canal vs. shipping them overland. Thank for any help in these matters.

BTW, I am located in South Carolina. I retire from the Army in a year and am ready to sail away. I just need the boat.

Aaron Norlund


Probably about $8k to ship it across once you figure in flying out there, your stay time, hauling, prepping, and the actual shipping. Maybe even a bit more; truckers having to charge quite a bit more due to the $4.50/gal diesel.

I believe all "three" of those boats are actually the same one boat.

If you want a true fixer upper, there is one in Miami for $12k, but the owner will surely take less. I've seen it and it needs work...


Fair leads,
Aaron N.

Terry Shoup

I looked on Yacht World this morning for WS32s in Long Beach, and found four listing, all for the same boat. I don't recognize it from the pictures, but that doesn't mean anything. I tried to figure out where she's berthed, based on the background in the photos, but again no luck.

Gary and Charlotte Burton

I think that boat is called "Sea puppy"
The engine does not run from what I understand (Volvo 25hp)

Andrea and Brad Dollins

"Sea Puppy" is two docks up from us in Alamitos Bay. Engine not running, inside is pretty bad. Boat has been lived on for years, bad tile job in head, wallpaper covering wood in cabin, very dirty. Outside doesn't look to bad, but it is a fixer.

Brad and andrea
W32 "Oasis"

Chuck Lanham

Thank you all. Sea Puppy will definitely have to find another owner. I dont want to spend 8k on bringing to the East coast. That is money that could be used for repairs. The boat in Miami is truly a project. Probably too big a project for this novice sailor. I will work out a budget anyway to see if I can afford to put it on the hard up here and work on it. It deserves a loving Captain. And it deserves to be back in the water. I hope this last year of work goes quickly.

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