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Thread: "'Standard' Sheer Stripe Gelcoat Colors?"

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'Standard' Sheer Stripe Gelcoat Colors?

Mike McCoy

Just wondering if Westsail had any standard gelcoat color scheme for the sheer stripe (between cap & rub rail).

Reason I ask is I would like to touch up the sheer stripe on the Haliai in a few places and don't know what color to use or where I might find a source for epoxy paint matching.

It's a very nice looking deep 'blue-green' color. More green than blue but it definately has blue in it. Not sure how I would match it not knowing the actual color mix 'formula'.

I'm hoping (X'ing fingers) there might be a file around somewhere of colors used and the mixing formula.

Otherwise, any suggestions?

Bud Taplin


The original gelcoat used on the boats were Ferro Gelcoat colors. The owners had their choice of colors. You might check with a dealer for Ferro Gelcoat to see if you can get a match.

Mick Swain

Good morning Bud--I was wondering if you could tell me where Westsail 32 WSSF 04400775 was built and when .Any other info would also be helpful. Thanks very much, Mick Swain

Bud Taplin

Mick, W32 #440 Born Free was originally owned by Thomas Treat, and now I have the owner as James Barker, in CT. I don't really have any info on the boat, as I don't believe I have ever seen her, although I have sold parts to the owners.

Bud Taplin

Mick, The 0775 in the hull number denotes that the hull was laminated in July of 1975. The WSSF denotes that the boat was sold as as a completed boat by the factory, not as a kit. I would assume that the boat was built by the Wrightsville Beach factory, as it was in operation in 1975, and boats ordered by East Coast buyers usually came from Wrightsville Beach.

Tom Crank

To quote Bud the hull numbers from Wrightsville were 3/8" high and Costa Mesa 3/4"

Bud Taplin

Tom, Sorry, you got it backwards. The numbers from Costa Mesa were 3/8" high, those from Wrightsville Beach were 3/4" high.

Mick Swain

Bud--a couple of questions regarding cabin top on a 32 that has dished down approximately an inch just under the mast itself( no tabernacle).Rest of cabin top has not dished down.Do you believe that by going to a tabernacle the problem might resolve itself by virtue of spreading mast weight out.If no to tabernacle solution what would you figure as a rough approximate cost of replacing part of cabin top

Adam and Candace Cultraro


I have this problem as well on my 43. I have not addressed it yet.

Removing the headliner underneath reveals the cabin to be normal under the mast, so the probelm must be above. My guess is there are multiple layers of plywood sandwiched between the mast step and the compression post. They are probably rotten, termite eaten, soggy....take your pick.

What I am doing is pulling the mast, peeling the top layer of glass of to expose the wood, then pulling all the rotten wood. I can then lay in new plywood and glass the whoe thing back, saturating it in epoxy. Replace the top layer of glass and paint and it should be like new.

Not sure how a tabernacle would help any of this cause your problem is bad wood in there. Besides, you can pull your mast and paint it or freshen up the rig while your at it.

Bud Taplin

Adam, You can save yourself lots of work if after you remove the mast, remove the mast step on the cabintop, and cut the fiberglass and plywood with a router just inside the rim where the mast step was installed. Cut all the way down to the interior layer of fiberglass. Insert fiberglass or aluminum pieces to fill up the hole, and put the top piece of fiberglass back on with epoxy putty. When you reinstall the mast step, the cut line will be just inside the edges, and you will not have any touchup to do. The mast load will now be transferred directly down to the interior support post with no problem in crushing any plywood.

Adam and Candace Cultraro

Awesome advice Bud! Thanks for the tip!


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