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Thread: "What Are These"

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What Are These

Brian Smith

maybe boat de-humidifiers??


could it be alcohol heaters? Looks something like Origo alcohol heater. Perhaps outer shell?
Just a quess..


Two of these came with my westsail32. They are about 12" high with 12" diameters and made out of 1/32" stainless. What are they? Bait buckets? Clothes washing? Garbage burning?


Bud Taplin

Looks to me like a pot to boil shrimp in.

Brian Smith

hah! so there you have it, three equally likely scenarios for your 'mystery cannisters'~ (pick the most appealing)

Aaron Norlund

It's a penny shakers! I have one, too. You fill it half way with pennies, then lash it to your bowsprit and go out sailing on a beat into heavy oncoming seas. This way the pennys get shaken, and water can come in (every time your dip your bowsprit) to keep them lubricated. They were originally designed to keep land sharks from following too closely in one's wake. You can "close it" to keep water in while moving the pennies for short-term scratch prevention.

Aaron N.

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Ask the previous owner

Bud Taplin

These responses will teach you that when asking questions to this group you never know what the answers will be. Keep smiling.


oh, please! you've never stuck your head in a bucket and had trouble breathing??

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