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Gary and Charlotte Burton

Bud -
What is a safe distance lengthwise from the water injection point to the muffler? I have read about mufflers melting - was this from lack of cooling water or to close to the exhaust manifold?
Also - what is the minumum drop from the top of the high rise exhaust to the muffler inlet?
Thanks for any feedback
Cross posted from iron genny

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Thanks for that Bud - I'm using a horizontal Centek fiberglass muffler.

Bud Taplin

If you use one of the Vetus plastic mufflers, they will melt if you lose your water cooling. No way to repair it. If you use a Vernay fiberglass muffler, the hose will burn out first, which is easy to repair.
I usually put on a piece of 12" long 2" ID hose with wire in it from the high rise elbow into the front end of the Vernay horizontal waterlift muffler. Coming out of the muffler I use 1-7/8" ID hose, rise up to deck level, then back down to the hull exhaust outlet.
Works great. Check out page F-08 of my Westsail Service Manual.

Alan and Sue Johnson

Bud: I can procure a reconditioned Universal m-50with a hurth trans for $4000.00 from Trans Atlantic diesel. By all accounts this looks to be a good match. Do you know of any issues I may encounter with this install. I have the early small pan. This is a 1902 kabota block.Also I would like to use the fiberglass ehaust pipe do you sell this item?

Bud Taplin

That engine should work fine, provided it was not made back in 1902. The only problem may be in the location and width of the rear mounting brackets, because of the narrowness of the W32 at the aft end. You may have to raise the engine up and move it as far forward as possible if the flats on the pan are not wide enough.

I can supply you with any of the installation parts you may need. Email me directly.

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