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Thread: "Radar Detectors"

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Radar Detectors

Kendall and Mano Mckibben

I am looking for info on a radar detector. I am not even sure if they exist. I think radar draws way to many amps and is really expensive anyway. Does anyone know if there is a radar detector that sounds an alarm when you are in someones radar. This seems to make great sense.

Tom Crank

Yes, it is called card (collision avoidance radar detector) works great as long as the big ship has it's radar on which is not always the case far from the coast.

Kendall and Mano Mckibben

Thanks, checked it out 535$ seems like a cheap peace of mind when I'm out on the blue. here is the lik for anyone else interested http://www.survivalsafety.com/fa.htm


there was one on Ebay couple weeks ago. brand new for 430$

Mike McCoy

I had/used a C.A.R.D. for a while. Maybe it was just mine but I experienced way too many false 'hits' and/or errors wrt which way the signal was coming from.

Really annoying to be on watch at night, have the thing go off and never be able to ascertain who/what/when/where.

I 'tested' it at anchor one day with a trawler that was operating his radar. He was about 1 mile or two away and the C.A.R.D. not only showed the wrong heading but was intermittent in detecting the signal to begin with. Not really sure how that helps 'Collison Avoidance'.

I guess you could say false hits are better than no hits at all (i.e. thereby keeping you alert) but I can also argue that 'crying wolf' could be more harmful than good.

Aaron Norlund


I know a few people with the system. None are happy with the performance. I've seen it installed on a handful of other boats, and about half had them disconnected because of their annoyance.

I'd prefer one of the lower cost, 16mi radar units with watchman mode. It'll come on at a specified interval and scan for contacts. Everyone I know with a watchman radar, likes it.

I'd suggest Furuno or JRC radars; I feel the Raymarine systems are awkward to work with. In the professional marine industry, that's all I've seen.

Aaron N.

Danny Rummans

Mike, did you talk with the company about your problems? I would have no faith in an instrument with such poor performance. Has anyone else had experience with this unit?

Bud Taplin

Get into the 21st century with an AIS unit.

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