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Thread: "Fall 2008 Rendevouz - St Petersburg, FL"

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Fall 2008 Rendevouz - St Petersburg, FL


We are in the initial stages of planning a Fall 2008 Rendezvous. We have received permission from the Harborage Marina and they will work with us so all the boats can dock in the same location. This will give attendees access to washrooms and other facilities. We will also have a location for a BBQ. I have heard a rumor that Bud will be attending and coaching a 32 owner through a fuel take removal and install as a demonstration for the 2008 Rendezvous. Please reply with the best dates for each of you and your level of interest. We will post the information and work to make it convenient for all. Hope to hear from you soon.

Don and Lana

Aaron Norlund


We probably wouldn't be able to make it unless it were hosted in August or mid-December. I have class five days per week next semester, so it'd be hard to find a few days to sail up and and back.

Thanks for stepping up and hosting something a little more "central" to Florida. Perhaps with a less constrictive schedule, you'll be able to find a date that works for more than one person. Though may I suggest making sure the Miami boat show isn't, somehow, on the same weekend.

Fair leads,
Aaron N.

ps - I'm looking for a large asymm - ~850-950 sq/ft.


And were almost the opposite. We'll be leaving the area in Sept and if per chance you have it the 3rd or 4th week in Sept there's a good chance we'd actually get our boat there. Would be a first for us to attend a gathering w/ our boat. If we miss it .... oh well.

Fair Winds


Aaron, if you can't make it in with the boat, you can always attend boatless....


Speak up West Coast Florida! How does 3rd or 4th week of September look for everyone? I am open and would like to make it work for the masses. Please post here and give me some idea of the interest level for this event.

Fair Winds,

Bud Taplin

I recently had a call from Charlie Stuard, a W43 owner in Cocoa Beach, and he is trying to organize a fall Westsail rendezvous there. He wanted to know what rendezvous were already planned, and I let him know about the last weekend in August in Pt. Townsend, WA, and the first weekend in October in San Leandro, CA. He is checking with the yacht club and marina about dock space, and will try to come up with a suitable weekend. You might try calling him at 513-543-0711 to offer help and encouragement, and to see what he has arranged.


Don -

My W32 is still under repair but I'd love to attend a Westsail meeting on the FL west coast just to see what other Westsail owners have done with their boats. (I live on the east coast in Jupiter.) Any time is good for me.

In chatting with Mike and Colleen today I suggested it might be fun to take videos of the boats under sail and post them on the site. (Obviously we'd give the boat owner a copy). Another thought was to take pictures of the different ways in which different owners have solved various problems - mainsheet arrangements / hatch covers / propane storage / nav tables / exhaust systems etc etc - and post those as well. I have a video cam and would be happy to take pics - or videos if someone will drive me around in a dink.



I spoke with Charlie today and he will keep me in the loop and I will support his event and drive over to it. Too far around the horn of Florida to sail it for a weekend. What do I need to do to make the Florida West coast rendezvous official and gain the support of the Westsail Owners Association?


Hi Skip,

Thanks for your update. I appreciate hearing from you and we will be sure to take advantage of your offer. May also need some help on the BBQ Grill. I would also like to hear from some more Florida Boat Owners as to thier preference for a date.


Dave and Wendy,

Thanks for stopping by the marina for a visit. I think the 3rd or 4th week in September would be great and we could make it a big send off party as you begin your voyage. Pick a date and we will make it happen.

Don and Lana

Aaron Norlund


I suggest you pick a date and run with it. When I was setting ours up, I didn't get much feedback until after I set the date. Then of course I found my Sail Miami blunder, but I had to pick a date and get Bud to send out the advertisements before having feedback.

To "get it rolling", write up a little flyer saying the dates, place, and anything you have planned. Maybe attach a map, or something as well. Then get in touch with Bud - he'll take your flyer, format it and send it out to all of the Westsail owners (not just WOA members) on in Florida (east/west).

After that's set, you can get in touch with Colleen to try and set up a "gear" box and get a bit of financial support for the rendezvous. I owe the association $100 from what they sent for my dud-rendezvous, so I'll probably just send that part to you.

We plan to come whenever you schedule it. If not in the boat, then by land.

And Skip - I wonder where you got THAT idea!?!

Lastly, we're going to start posting write ups from past rendezvous' on the WOA website. I just did one for the one we attempted in February. Check it out by going to:

February, 2008

Or from the WOA home page click "Rendezvous", the the star over the West Coast, then the "February, 2008" link.

Hope this helps!
Aaron N.


Thanks for the great suggestions.

I appreciate your help and advice.



Be sure to check here next week for updates and information. We should have a solid date and other info by Wednesday.


Hi Don - with summer holidays etc. I haven't checked in here enough - but luckily Aaron stepped up and chimed in. He's right - just set a date and let us know. I'll email you a couple of example announcement write-ups in the next day or two. Mark one of these up and send it back to me, Bud, and Aaron - Bud do a mail out to all in you area and Aaron and I will post it on the website. Then we'll work out the details of gear and cash. Thanks from the WOA for stepping up to the plate and hosting, it is always well worth the efforts! Build it and they will come.


Thanks Colleen, I shpould have a firm date Monday or Tuesday of next week.
I appreciate your help.


The last week in Sept will most likely be the closest for us to leave. Our last day of forced labor is the 5th but I doubt the boat will be loaded by then. Damn. Either way, if it's earlier we'll most likely be there by car or hopefully by boat. We're not however; going to go there and come back. Once we leave here, baring any horrible breakdowns we will not be back to this coast, port for years.

Fair Winds


Update! ...................................I am sorry to announce that we will be unable to host a rendezvous for the West Coast of Florida next month. There is a personal need that requires medical treatment that is scheduled for the end of September. Perhaps we can work with Aaron and help host another event near Port Charlotte as we will be moving our boat to that area in January or February. We were looking forward to this event and hope to see you all in the future.
Don and Lana

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