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Thread: "Stainless Steel Backing Plate For (wooden) Boomkin"

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Stainless Steel Backing Plate For (wooden) Boomkin

Brian Smith

Since I've decided to go with Bud's stainless boomkin set-up, I've got this nifty (hefty and very solid!) stainless backing piece which I now don't need. Never used. I think Bud sells these for $225- I'll take $125 + shipping.

Terry Shoup

Is that the end piece that connects the two wooden boomkin pieces?

Brian Smith

Yes, where it all comes together, backstay, etc..

Debbie Maidman and Chris Burger


Would you consider $75.00?



Debbie Maidman and Chris Burger

Should have read:


Will you consider $75.00?

Brian Smith

Just sold, sorry!

Danny Rummans

Chris, I have one I,ll take $75.00 for. Let me know dannycr@bellsouth.net

Debbie Maidman and Chris Burger

Is it new and where would it ship from?



Danny Rummans

It is used in great shape. From 29445, in S.C.

Debbie Maidman and Chris Burger

Dann would you send me a picture to burgerc@verizon.net

Fred K. Cheney

I have one, too - It's the original SS crosspiece that came with the boat, but when I replaced my boomkin a few years back I got the new one from Bud... The new one is a little beefier and has attachment points for windvanes or other equipment... The original is still in good shape, let me know if anyone needs it...

Michael Yuille and Rosemary Wilson

We are looking for a related item for the new boomkin we just installed on W32 #724 Kibitka (i.e. stern pulpit). If anyone has one they would like to sell we would be interested.

Michael Yuille/Rose Wilson W32 #724 Kibitka

Brian Smith

Gee, sounds like I could have sold at least 2 or 3! For those still in need, strongly suggest just biting the bullet and paying $225 for Bud's hefty new SS plate- well worth it. Should outlive the wood, the boat, the owner... possibly Life as we know it if we keep going down this current path-- OOPS, sorry, no politics~

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