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Thread: "W28 Compression Post"

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W28 Compression Post

Wojciech and Jolanta Lukaszewicz

Bud, Namaste has a slight problem with the compression post. It appears that the bottom end has become somewhat soft. I've noticed that the head door get stuck when the mast is up and rigging tensioned while it was flying freely with the mast down.
I figure the compression at the post is no more than half an inch. Possibly nothing to worry about but I'd rather see no compression at all.
What would be the best way of tackling this problem? Cut the soft part off and put a block of wood under? what sort of wood? I presume the post is sitting directly on the top of the ballast?
Wojtek, s/v Namaste

Paul Eggermann


I have a 28' with a compression post problem also. The area around the post in front of the head door is actually cracked and sunk in. There is a piece of wood that has been fiberglassed underneath in the bilge, but it seems to be getting soft. It passed a boat survey, but I'm not sure I would trust a long distance trip without a better fix. I've been putting it off long enough. Thanks for the reminder,


Wojciech and Jolanta Lukaszewicz


I've examined the bottom of my post further last night and the piece of wood that sits on the top of the ballast seems solid. But I've noticed that the post itself is tappered starting from the lounge seat down and is very narrow at the cabin sole level. Is it the same in your boat?
I've got the W28 construction manual from Bud but the compression post pages are missing so I can only tell what I see from outside...
Wojtek, s/v Namaste

Paul Eggermann


Yes, the post is tappered down starting at the seat. There is another piece of wood about 2 inches wide bolted into it however. Its under this piece of wood that the cabin sole is cracked and sunk in. Does your cabin sole have any cracks in it?


Wojciech and Jolanta Lukaszewicz


No it doesn't. It is smooth and solid. I actually cannot locate any softness in the wood in the post or under it. I only assume there is some play somewhere because the cabin top compresses slightly under the mast...


Josh L.

Gentleman -

I have the same issue with my W28. The compression post is slightly cracked, and the door to the head won't close completely. The compression post tapers to a very thin section along the outer wall of the ice-chest/fwd dinette seat. Beneath the cabin sole there is a wood block fiberglassed to the ballast. The block is too short however (no contact between the upper surface of the block and the bottom of the cabin flooring), AND is not centered correctly under the compression post.
The cabin sole slopes inward toward the compression post but there are no cracks.
Seems like a project to tackle when I have the mast off: get rid of existing block, replace with a block of the correct height, in the correct place.
Any other ideas? Doesn't it seem like the compression post tapering to such a thin section at the bottom end is a bit weak?


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