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Thread: "2008 Pacific NW Rendezvous!"

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2008 Pacific NW Rendezvous!


Annual Pacific NW-Rendezvous 2008

Hudson Point Marina in Port Townsend, WA


48 6.96' N, 122 44.88' W

The dates will be: August 22nd - 24th.
The skipper & boat names will be added to our group's list at the marina as they come in, so each skipper can call and directly pay their fees and get their slip assignment. We have a block of ten slips reserved at this time, but they will only hold them until June 1st. All the slips are $1 per foot.

Hosts: Julie & John Steveley
W42 #083 Mysticeti

Email: steveley@tscnet.com
Phone: 360-437-7954

The tentative schedule of events:

Friday: arrivals as tides & winds decree (?) .

Dinner at a local restaurant. We will need numbers for the group.

Saturday, August 23rd -- we have a room ashore reserved at the marina for meeting.

08:00 Coffee and Donuts -- We'll also have some great WOA shirts and things for sale. Visit with other boaters, schedule your mini-survey with Bud Taplin from Worldcruiser Yacht Co.

14:00 to 17:00 Gather at the meeting room. Bring your pictures, stories, or lessons learned for the group to enjoy. Have your pictures on a CD/DVD or VHS tape. We will have a computer/projector and a computer. Does anyone need a VHS projector?
18:00 Potluck dinner ashore followed by some more great boating stories. A kids movie & games for the younger set will be available too.

Sunday, August 24th
Coffee and Donuts. 8:00? 12:00. Breakfast at one of the many restaurants or bakeries downtown.
Afternoon - Visit boats/show off your boat. Visit downtown. Bon voyages to Sunday departees.

Monday, August 25th

Coffee and Donuts. 8:00

Bon Voyage's.

For anyone coming without a boat:

Driving/coming by ferry from Whidbey Island: The Port Townsend/Keystone route puts you right downtown! They will still be running a smaller than normal ferry, so driving on will probably involve some serious lines. The reservation system is supposed to be up & running soon -- check out the state ferries website as soon as you know your plans if you expect to bring a car using this ferrry. If you want to come as a walk on but need a pickup from the ferry let us know & we can try to work something out.

From points south coming across the Hood Canal Bridge:

Port Townsend is another 25 miles via Hwy's 104 and 19 once you cross the Hood Canal Bridge . PT is roughly 40 miles by car from Kingston or 55 from Bainbridge Island. From Sea-Tac, it's a good several hour drive, or there is a shuttle. Summer Friday night traffic can be a bear with any of these routes?so it's best to plan your travel for late morning/mid-day.

Lodging -- there are several options for lodging in the immediate area. A good resource is www.ptguide.com. A few of the closest, walkable places are: The Commanders Beach House (www.commandersbeachhouse.com), The Swan, or The Bishop Hotel. Hudson Point also has RV/camp sites on the point adjacent to the marina. These are reservable at the marina contact number above. Making reservations for any lodging early is advisable. There is a local shuttle bus that makes getting around from most of the area lodging pretty easy.

Port Townsend's newly redone Point Hudson marina docks & facilities are home to the NW Maritime Center/Wooden Boat Foundation, plus it's Chandlery/bookstore, and a few of its various wooden boats? Brion Toss Rigging, and Carol Hasse's sail loft, and Pygmy Kayaks are also located right there. With the marina located at the foot of downtown Port Townsend, there are plenty of walking, shopping, and dining opportunities close by. For those preferring to walk beaches, the other direction can take you to Point Wilson and Fort Worden State Park and the Strait.

Hope to see you there.

Host boat:


Planning to Attend the Rendezvous?
Please email the host boat so they can add you to the marina manager's list:

Hosts: Julie & John Steveley
W42 #083 Mysticeti
Email: steveley@tscnet.com
Phone: 360-437-7954

Also, to encourage attendance and getting paid-up on dues, we?re offering 2 free WOA mugs to WOA members upon attendance! These are great, WOA tested and approved, thick-walled mugs (to keep coffee hot), and ergonomic shape which just happens to be super-stable on a boat. See pics on prior post by Terry under?for sale? section. Please send a quick RSVP email to the organizer and/or Colleen@westsail.org to let us know you?re planning to make it, and to make sure we count you in. Not current on your dues? Send a check or money order in U.S. funds for $19.99 for 1 year, $34.95 for 2 years (add $10 for paper copies of Windblown) made out to Westsail Owner's Association to:
c/o Terry Shoup
254 East Fern Avenue, Suite 102
Redlands, CA 92373-6071


Hey all you PNW Westsailers! When was the last time you got to speak to someone who can give you the best expert advice about your sails and rigging? I say let's get Kern Ferguson up here this year and Get the WOA to flip the bill for the plane ticket, maybe Bud can get him a discount. Bud and Kern that would be awsome.


Here is the latest from Julie regarding the PacNW Rendezvous, I'm eating my heart out at the scheduled activities - Rigging inspection with Brian Toss and field trips to the awesome local foundries. I'm quite literally looking into flights as we speak! Hope you can make it, this event promises to be a great one!!!

From Julie -

Hi Westsailors?the rendezvous is scheduled for August 22-24th in Port Townsend?s Point Hudson marina, so it?s time to make your reservations. The flyer info is below for anyone who didn?t see it on the WOA website. Feel free to pass a copy along if you know of Westsailors or wannabe?s missing on this list.

A couple of additions since the flyer was posted:

--A guest speaker for Saturday? Bud happened to be working with Brion Toss regarding someone?s boat, and lo and behold, we gained a guest speaker out of it! Brion has offered to do a bit of talking/demonstrating on rigging on Saturday. He mentioned doing this as a hands-on thing if someone (or some two?) have a boat to volunteer?

-- For any who might plan to be around a bit earlier on Friday or on Monday and is interested, we have also been welcomed to visit/tour at Hasse & Co?s sail loft, Port Townsend Foundry, and New Found Metals. Each of these places has done some nice work for Westsail owners in the past and offers a chance to see what they do, and some custom hardware, etc. up close & personal. You can see a bit more about any of them at their websites below.

Julie Steveley





Annual Pacific NW-Rendezvous 2008


Hudson Point Marina in Port Townsend, WA


48 6.96' N, 122 44.88' W

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