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Thread: "Westsail 32-never Launched-tip! Buy It WOA Member"

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Westsail 32-never Launched-tip! Buy It WOA Member

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Someone in WOA must buy this boat promptly. Cape Horn possible in six monts. I saw the never launced w32. Like a museum ship. Never stressed hull, I believe 1976 model or so, kit boat -- BUT, and the extremely big BUT, the family selling the boat actually farms hardwoods for a living, Duh!! First, a complete roof for everything (and easy to extract for shipping), hull never stressed, rudder never moved, fiberglass gungeons, haha, prop never never even tightened down, thru hulls, original groco bronze, lotsa bronze portholes straight from Westsail, like brand spanking new, . Get this! a Raritan head, with manufacturer's original plastic seal in the bottom of the bowl, never used!!!! 34 years old. The Volvo diesel, runs fine, BUT sellers have made a special tool to crank by hand from betwen the chart table and nav station. Fine, fine, fine, joinery... a hobby boat from an ex-GE toolmaker, whose wife says everything on the boat he did is within a one-thousandth of an inch tolerance. And it shows. A complete mast with ALL fittings,standing rigging, staysl boom, genoa tracks, running rigging brand new and oversized, turnbuckles, toggles, all like brand new in cellophane or boxes or tagged, only thirty or so years old. Unreal this deal. Barlow bronze primary winches kept in A/C and heat and never mounted. Lots of blocks and tackle, all in friggen cellophone with names like Harkens and stuff. NOW THE KICKER: sellers were went to church with Jim Grant, founder of Sailrite: triple reefed main, double reefed staysl, great, great sails, hyrdraulic presses that Grant had to buy a special machine to install at the time about 1990. These sails are quadrupled stitched at the seams, not triple, with hand sail twine, beeswaxed siezing on the slides and hanks, literrally like BRAND new. It's obvious Grant was showing his love for his buyer in the quality of the sails. A complete working set. Virtually perfect. I think they had ropes and leech lines and everything. Never seen sunlight with bags, and the kicker, perfect sail covers in blue. The sellers did not even remember they had them till we drug on the sails for viewing. Plus, hand made cushions of the highest caliber. Absolutely unbelievable deal, not to mention the hand selected ash tiller that Bob picked out from his forest cause he thought it had the right shape and whittled it out. Plus, all the teak hatches on deck are untouched by direct sunlight. Nearly pefect samposon posts of white oak and a bowsprit that you cannot even hardly see the glue line in at most places. Boom gallows with teak kept in his workshop for 30 years, all drilled and fitted to simply assemble. Lots and lots of teak, custom made with TLC. Lots and lots of hardwoods, custom made with TLC. Throw in some great anchors, and chain and rode, all part of the deal, of course, and, just imagine what you can do. A CLEAN SLATE. This boat has never seen bottom paint. Her name is AGAPE, and yes, sellers do have the Original Builder's Certificate and quote and receipt for the boat from Westsail.
The Satori, hull 223 fell into my lap, thanks to Ken and Debra Bridger here locally.
Thanks for the listings and help from all in WOA. I really want someone in WOA to get this boat. It's an unreal opportunity for someone willing to simply ship and do some minor assembly, with like new EVERYTHING. And I can vouch for the sellers, extremely nice, hospitable and worthy-- fantastic custodians of this piece of Westsail memorabilia.

Aaron Norlund


About which boat are you speaking? The one in Indiana? I was under the impression it just sold.

If speaking of another, let me us know some contact info!

Glad you got yourself a boat; quite a historical one, too!

Aaron N.

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Yes Aaron it is the boat in Indiana....
The seller is Bob Straub 260-691-2135

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

the one in Indiana. The one that has a custom cut hand hewn ash cradle and roof for 34 years, that one.

Michael Dougan

Hey Randy, glad to hear you've found a boat. Do you want me to update your membership record? I'm sure I have all of Satori's info already.

The Straub boat truely is a beautiful boat. Someone had posted some photos at one point. Didn't know it was still available.

Mike and Ivana Meyran

Hey Randy. I also thought this boat was sold. I considered looking at it a while back, but the feedback I got was that it required quite a bit of gear to get her sailing. Doesn't seem to be the case by your email. Could be an interesting option.. Would love to hear more about it. Dropped you a line on your personal mail as well.

Mike and Ivana Meyran

Bought a plane ticket to go visit Bob and his westsail on april 5, Boston to Chicago and drive down. Hoping to buy a boat and finally be a westsail owner. Bob seems to be a great guy, and the boat is a real unique opportunity.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Hi Gang,
I would say that anyone shopping for a W32 would be very well advised to very seriously consider this one. I've searched 2.5 years.

Mike and Ivana Meyran

I am happy to say that I am the proud new owner of Bob Straubs hull 531. She is truly a beautiful boat, a product of many years of Bobs skill, planning, and passion to build a quality boat. Bob and his family were wonderful hosts and I hope to get them to marblehead to see this wonderful boat sailing. A bit of work ahead to get her assembled and sailing by summer. Will post some pics once she arrives.
"Wild Goose"

Tom and Barb Koehl

Mike, Congratulations. I saw Bob's boat just a month after I bought my W32 project boat - his work is first rate - love the cherry! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of Agape on the water.
Tom Koehl (Fort Wayne, IN)

Colleen Crystal

Congratulations Mike and Ivana! Looks like a one of a kind! And what a pleasure to be able to put her into the water where she belongs.

s/v Adele W28

Brian Smith

Hull 553 says hello to Hull 531 and welcome to the... water!

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Wow, Just reviewing the old threads. Fine boat! You have every reason to be proud. Congratulations again. Are you renaming her "Wild Goose"? If so, great name. Of course, I always liked "Agape" too.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Sorry, Gang,
This is an old thread that came up as some great deal, which it was until the boat sold. Didn't mean to reflag it as a current option.

Mike and Ivana Meyran

She is definitely not for sale Wild Goose is her name. We had a great summer sailing down to the vinyard, cuttyhunk, and the cape. The boat is a dream... I sent Bob some great pics of the boat finally assembled and floating. He was pretty happy to see it all come together

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Wow. What a dream come true. That was pretty fast, too.


Would love to see pictures of all the custom work. Is there a web site where this is available?

Mike and Ivana Meyran

Hi Balance. Now back online and hope to have some updated photos in a few weeks once the winter cover comes off and a few projects are wrapped up.
Here is an older directory of photos when the boat was in Bobs yard, if you havent seen them

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek


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