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Thread: "Boomkin Metal Fitting"

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Boomkin Metal Fitting

Brian Smith

Bud, do you sell the back fitting where the wooden boomkin cross pieces meet the backstay, etc??

Danny Rummans

Brian, if bud does'nt have one I think I have what you are looking for.

Aaron Norlund

Bud sells everything, including ice cream.

Aaron N.

Bud Taplin

I do make up the stainless crosspiece, which I use for the stainless boomkins I make. It can also be used for a wood boomkin. However, if you can find a used one that someone has replaced when they installed one of my SS boomkins, then I am sure the cost would be less.

I only sell chocolate ice cream.

Brian Smith

hey, nothin' wrong with chocolate... that's what powers (in the absence of a fair breeze) my Orion~

Aaron Norlund

Clearly I'll be disassociating myself with Bud for future ice cream sales. I was under the impression he had multiple, vanilla based options.

Happy chocolate,
Aaron N.

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