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Thread: "Fore-and-aft Trim"

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Fore-and-aft Trim

Jonathan & Liz Reece

I have recently bought a W32 - "Sixpence". The surveyer thought that she was a little down at the bows. I thought she could benefit from altering the trim too: the water on the side decks pools about midships rather than emptying completely at the scuppers; the bilges could do with a little more tendency to move water aft to the pump; the prop. came out of the water a bit in some lumpy seas.

I have (temporarily) moved the bower anchor chain from the anchor locker right aft, and that seems to have helped a bit. What would be the best way of adding some ballast aft?


Rod Lawson

probably an obvious response, but have you considered the current location of water/fuel tanks. I have 2 x 200litre water tanks in the aft section of the bilge. That's a fair amount of weight when full. Also my fuel tanks are aft in the engine room. I have seen a couple of westsails that have tanks in varying locations, for instance under the dinette seats. Hope this assists.

Norm Rhines

Ahoy Jonathan & Liz Reece :

I am trimed close to design i.e the tang is just out of the water, the top gunion is at the waters surface at its aft most point. I have only one anchore forward and my chain is under where the shower used to be (I removed this) Also I have 100 ft of 5/16" ontop of the prop appature (I Built a dam and it dropes through the aft locker)

But with all of this I still had the pools ( I fixed them when on the hard using epoxy then re-gell coating it. This will fill up the area outboard of the nonskid and cover about 3/8" of the nonskid at the widest point but this solution keeps the puddle away as it is now epozy and gelcoat.

Mike McCoy

I have the same 'problem' (water pooling just forward of the scuppers) due to a 35lb & 45lb CQR hanging on the bowsprit & about 125' of 3/8" chain in the forepeak lockers.

I have two (poly) water tanks mounted in the bilge amidships starting from just forward of the companionway to just aft of the main bulkhead. I have two 40 gal fuel tanks (port/starboard) mounted aft in the engine room. Even with a big 42hp Universal diesel, all tanks topped off, etc. I still am heavy in the bow.

that chain is HEAVY ;)

In addition to having water pooling (which is mostly just an annoyance) I have to think that much 'mass' both forward & aft also causes hobbyhorsing (which is uncomfortable) so I'm thinking of moving about 100' of chain off the 45# CQR more aft/amidships (maybe flaked around the water tanks). I'll just pre-rig it with shackles in case it's needed.

Louis Guillama

I'm sure that many of us share the minor annoyance with the standing water just forward of the aft hawsepipes. I'm wondering if anyone has installed additional hawsepipes in that area to evacuate the water?


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