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Thread: "May Have My 43 Sold Looking For A 32 By July"

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May Have My 43 Sold Looking For A 32 By July

Jeff Malmgren

Hello Bud,
I might have my 43 sold. I will be looking for a late model 32 If you know of one that I can look at that might be on the west coast or NW let me know. It would be great if Kibitka was available that was my previous 32. I loved the 43 but ....I must down size. Thanks Again

Bud Taplin

There are a number of W32's listed for sale on my website. Check them out.
If your W43 sells, I would appreciate receiving the new owners info for my records.

Jeff Malmgren

Thanks Bud,
When did the deck and house change on the 32's
That is what I am after.

Thansk Again

Bud Taplin

The last set of hull and deck molds were about at hull #625, which was mid 1976. There were about 200 of the boats built from these molds.

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Kibitka just sold to a couple from Canada...she was for sale about 5 months ago!

David and Jill Alberson

Hey Bud,
I have read and heard you say that the deck molds changed around #625 but My Star is #611 and she has the newer deck mold. My Star is very different compared to Penguin, one of the earlier molds. Was there an intermediate deck mold that was in between? We have the more rounded one with more headroom, the newer companionway hatch, the 'butterfly' hatch between the mast and companionway, etc. Our stantions are 1.7" diameter and are "molded" into the bulwarks. What gives with the hull numbers?

Bud Taplin

So call me a liar for 14 hull numbers. Remember, I said AROUND hull number 625. Westsail did not necessarily laminate all of the boats in order of the numbers. Sometimes a boat was ordered, a number assigned, then the actual lamination date was delayed.

Jeff Malmgren

Thanks for the help with the numbers.Darn the bad luck about Kibitka,timing is everythng. I hope the new owners will take good care of her. I have till July or so to find a new boat. I will keep you posted on the full name of the new owners Thanks Agan Bud !!

Jeff Malmgren

Well it finally happened. Leviathan is sold to a great guy I am sure he will be will join the group shortly. So now I have Cash in hand and I am looking for a late model 32 preferably in the PNW. Anyone that may know of or have a 32 Please call me my name is Jeff 1-360-632-0676 is my cell Thanks

Bud Taplin

Check out W32 Windsong in Newport, OR. It is listed for sale on my website.

Jeff Malmgren

Bud, wind song is a beautiful boat, my budget is about 20K less that their asking price I guess I should have mentioned my budget (or my limited budget) when I posted my message. BTW do you have the number for the couple that had Margareta for sale in Anacortes or do you know if it is even still for sale?

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