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Thread: "Lexan Or Plexiglass For Hatch Covers"

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Lexan Or Plexiglass For Hatch Covers

Dick and Libby Mills

Yesterday my hammock broke and I cracked my head on the Nicro fan on the V-berth hatch cover. My head is OK but the 25x25x0.5 inch transparent hatch cover is seriously cracked. I figure it must have been UV fatigued (my head isn't THAT hard )

I want to replace it but I'm not sure whether to buy Plexiglass (cheaper) or Lexan (stronger) and how to guage how thick it should be. It sounds like 0.25 inch Lexan is as strong as 0.5 inch Plexiglass

The covering needs to be able to stand a 200 pound man standing on it, or even falling on it from an overhead hammock.

Do you have a recommendation?
Dick Mills/SV Tarwathie

Bud Taplin

If you are going to put on the teak strips, then It does not matter. Without the strips, the 1/4" material will flex and possibly crack. If you use plexiglass, try to get the material that is resistant to crazing and going cloudy. It is plexiglass with a special treatment on it.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Hi, Bud,
I have a forward hatch that looks like tired plexiglass/Lexan under teak strips. Now that I'm an expert hatch rebuilder, having completed the laz. hatch, how about "Should I replace the plexiglass/Lexan portion of the hatch?". Seems I should do so, as boarding waves worry a timid soul.

Bud Taplin

My Dad always said "If it's not broke, don't fix it".
However, if the caulking is bad, the plex cracked, or the hatch leaking, then put in a new piece of plex if you rebuild the hatch.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

I'm listening to your dad, Bud. After re-examining I decided it twarn't broke.

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