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Thread: "Singlehanding W42 And Schooner Rig"

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Singlehanding W42 And Schooner Rig

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Hi Bud,
Was wondering if it is ever in any way feasible to rig a W42 for single-handed ocean work. Also, I saw one on which you had built a schooner rig and sure did like it. What's the scoop on singlehanding something like that, please. Thanks.

Bud Taplin

It is fairly easy because all of the sails are in small packages, and when it gets nasty, you shorten down to the fore staysail, main staysail, and a reefed main. All inboard rig.
I have single handed other staysail schooners extensively, and it is the rig I most prefer for a larger vessel.
On the other hand, in light winds, or with sufficient crew, you can fly a cloud of sails.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Wow, Bud, Thanks. I'm excited. Sorry for the late reply. Was out of town and have family coming in--busy.
Can't believe your response. I thought it would be "you're dead wrong." As you know, there is a schooner candidate on the market. Maybe I should consider it over a W32. I will since your advice is sortakindamaybe in line with my most positive hopes. Thank you very, very much. I would personally like a larger vessel. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Michael Dougan

I love the schooner rig. I've been on a smallish 35' steel pinky schooner and a large, home-built 70' schooner. The rig is great to work with. You need good wide side decks, don't know how they are on a W42 though.

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