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Thread: "Mast Lowering"

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Mast Lowering

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

Do you know the approximate weight of the mast on a W28? Also, you once offered a video of the mast-lowering procedure. I'd be interested in seeing it if it's still available. Thanks.


Bud Taplin

Steve, I do have the lowering procedure available on a CD. Contact me directly.
Not sure what the W28 mast weighs.

George and Rayna Shaunfield

Steve, I have not raised my mast yet since I just reattached the chainplates recently and have started work on installing my "new" used Kubota engine. With everything stripped off the mast except the storm sail track my guess is about 70 pounds for it alone. It is 35 feet long and is made of 1/8" aluminum.

Here are my guesses for all of the stuff to attach.
15 pounds for the masthead sheeves, separation plates, and clevis pins
20 pounds for the 3 Barlow #16 winches
10 pounds for the two spreaders
15 pounds for the through bolts, compression sleeves, and tangs
15 pounds for the SS rigging wire and upper eyes (not counting the Navtec turnbuckles on lower end)
75 pounds total attachments
70 mast
145 pounds

And that does not count the gooseneck fitting and boom with it's various attachments. If you want the boom also, let me know and I can make an estimate for it and it's various appendages.

Hope this is helpful.

Best regards,

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

Thanks, George. That's helpful. I was concerned that I'd get the thing down and then need and army (navy?) to move it anywhere. Sounds like two people could handle it nicely. Thanks again.


Bud Taplin

Normally you should remove the standing rigging from the mast before you start to move it. That lightens the load considerably.

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