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Thread: "W28 Windvane Performance"

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W28 Windvane Performance

Kendall and Mano Mckibben

I am considering a monitor windvane for my w28, I have heard they do not steer well on the w28, I would really like to find out if that is true before I commit to such a high price item. If they do not steer well with a vane, what are my options for singlehanding long term? Thanks

Michael Dougan

I'll let others speak to the performance on a W28, or the performance of the Monitor in particular, however I will add that I've heard great things about the Monitor on the W32, and I can't imagine that the W28 would be significantly different.

I've got an Aries windvane on my W32 and the performance is very good (it would be better once I dial in the location of the control line blocks). I've heard that the Monitor works out even better than the Aries.

In any event, I wouldn't be offshore, alone or otherwise, without one of these vanes.

You can also check the logs of the guy, Alex Dorsey, over at www.projectbluesphere.com He had a W28, and very likely a Monitor vane on it. There might be some specific info there.


Wojciech and Jolanta Lukaszewicz

Hi, my name is Voytek and I have purchased Namaste from Alex Dorsey. Alex never had a wind vane. He'd been using Raymarine ST4000 autopilots. I have been thinking of building a trim tab self steering for my W28. I've seen it working very well on a similar (but bigger) boat.
Keep talking guys, I'm very interested in the outcome...

Aaron Norlund

Ken and Mano,

I have a Monitor on my W32 (which works splendidly). I don't believe there would be an issue on the 28 - it has a more balanced sail plan and moves along just as well. Any boat in our size range should be, when trimmed well, fine with a windvane.

Likely the person(s) who've said the W28 doesn't sail with a Monitor didn't take the time to position the blocks correctly, and get the tension correct on the control lines, or get the sails balanced. Servopendulum windvanes are very powerful, so I'm confident a Monitor would do well on your boat.

Also consider a Cape Horn windvane - they have a considerably smaller footprint on the stern and are as revered as the Monitor.

Whichever you do, try to put together a group buy here among Westsailors. Past purchases have saved 15%! That's a pretty nickle on $3000.

Best of luck and fair leads,
Aaron N.
W32 #482 Asia Marie

Kendall and Mano Mckibben

Yes, He never had a windvane, I wrot ehim an email and he stated that was one thing he wished he had. I have purchased one used and am now getting the mounts sent from monitor.

Michael Dougan

Second the motion on control block placement... my blocks were losely tied in place, and added a lot of slop in the system.

If I were you, I would spend a lot of time getting the placement right so that there is no chaffe and little slop in the control lines.

Brian Smith

I'll chime in here as someone most interested in a group deal on either a Monitor or...??

George and Rayna Shaunfield

Kendall and Mano, my W28 has a Monitor which the original owner (who I bought the boat from) installed. Restoration of the boat is progressing slowly but surely. I hope to have it ready to sail in a month. However, I have never used a windvane before so it will take me a while to know it well enough to evaluate. Here is a picture of the installation.

Monitor windvane on W28

Kendall and Mano Mckibben

This has turned out to be the best equiptment on my boat 3 days on one tack, I can not complain.

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