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Thread: "Looking To Buy"

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Looking To Buy

Mike and Ivana Meyran

Hi everyone. The time is here, after many years of dreaming and saving, to own my first westsail. We (wife and 2 girls)are hoping to find either a 28 or 32 during this winter. I would like to get the family aboard both the 28 and 32, to determine which boat would be the best fit. Is there anyone in the mass area (we live in marblehead) gracious enough to give us the opportunity to check out your boat?

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Hi Mike -

When we were looking, my boys (7 and 9) and I spent a night on a W28. It would have been two small for our family....
We ended up with a W32.

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

We have a W28 and with just my wife and I, it's cozy. I doubt that 4 of you, no matter how small, would be comfortable on one. A 32 is a huge leap up in interior space.


Colleen Crystal

I agree with Steve. We have a 28 and with two very little ones (2 1/2 and 7 months) its already crowded. We're already dreaming about upsizing - but after last year's Rendezvous my husband thinks we should go straight to the 42! Don't think we can swing it, though. And will be satisfied with being cramped for coastal cruising for now. Will rethink the size before going offshore - it also occurs to me that there really isn't enough storage space for gear for 4 people on the 28, although is great for two.

Mike and Ivana Meyran

Thanks folks. Appreciate the feedback, and will take your advice to focus on the 32. Hoping to get aboard one this weekend - spring is coming soon.....

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Not soon enough

Aaron Norlund

Funny, we dread spring/summer and salivate over winter. Queer thing this "geography".

Shady quarters,
Aaron N. (SW FL)

Michael Dougan

Mike and Ivana,

Hopefully, you've got one closer to you, but if you still need to root around inside a W32, you're welcome aboard Sannyasin anytime. I'm down in Jersey City, NJ


Mike and Ivana Meyran

Thanks Mike. Appreciate the offer. Have found one in CT, which is not a bad ride. Headed down this weekend, and looking fwd to it. Hope to get the chance to see your boat sometime in the future, maybe at a rendezvous. Have seen some pics online and see looks like a beauty...

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