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Thread: "2008 Rendevouz - It Is GOING To Happen!"

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2008 Rendevouz - It Is GOING To Happen!

Aaron Norlund

Hey all,

I've sat down and started pushing around the calendar and have picked dates to host a West Coast rendezvous.

January 19-20th

I'd like to host it here on Charlotte Harbor and have it be a "rustic" sort of get together. We have a quaint anchorage (Pelican Bay) nestled in Cabbage Key. It's an island preserve with a beautiful beach, a nice little gathering area (aka, has BBQ), good holding and protection, and it's free to use.

January would be great for its temperature and wind. If too many people have issues with these dates we can push it to February.

WOA board - please let me know what my next step is!

Fair leads,
Aaron N.
#482 Asia Marie

Bud Taplin

Aaron, Once you have all the details worked out, send me the info and I will prepare a flyer to be mailed out to all owners in FL, and wanabees, on my list. By the way, please call it the West Coast of Florida rendezvous. There is another "West Coast" here on the "Left Coast".

Terry Shoup

Great to see someone step up to the plate -- way to go! Please keep Colleen Caldwell and me informed as plans coalesce, as we can provide support ("stuff" and a few bucks) to help you out.

Terry Shoup
Treasurer, WOA
s/v Inalla WS32

Aaron Norlund


With a little bit of consideration, I've decided January 19th/20th would be inconvenient for too many people.


Who: Aaron/Gary Norlund Hosting
What: Florida West Coast Westsail Rendezvous
When: February 17th and 18th, 2008
Where: Pelican Bay (Cayo Costa) on Charlotte Harbor

Pelican Bay

Florida's West Coast Westsailors, plan to join us on February 17th and 18th for the first Florida West Coast rendezvous in years!

We'll have a rustic get together of Westsail owners and anyone else able to make it to Pelican Bay. Cayo Costa has miles of trails, beautiful beaches, restrooms/facilities available, barbecues, picnic tables and a wonderful little anchorage with room to fit thirty or so boats. Plan for a dinghy trip to the famous restaurant on Cabbage Key about which Jimmy Buffett wrote his "Cheeseburger in Paradise." Kumbaya-ala-westsailor is expected, so start practicing!

There is no power or fresh water available in Pelican Bay, though there is a marina a few miles to the north. There are no mooring balls, so you might want to bring an anchor, or at least some old gear to act like one. There is no anchoring fee, but Cayo Costa "requests" a $1.00 donation for using the park and facilities.

Charts for Charlotte Harbor include 11426, 11427, and 11427_2. I'll draw out a small chart detailing Pelican Bay for all attendees.

Wannabe Westsailors should contact me - I may be able to put you in touch with attending members for a ride over and berth. Worst case, I'll be towing my dink...

Aaron Norlund
6412 Hamlet Drive
Englewood, Florida 34224

Locality information:


County me in.

Steve Morisky, Key Largo, FL
W32, Jenny Leigh (currently on the hard).


I thought Jimmy Buffett was referring to a burger/bar on St. Barts when he wrote that song.

Aaron Norlund


It is debateable - I've also heard it's a place in Key West. However, the restaurant has a dollar bill on which Jimmy wrote "Cheeseburger in paradise" and signed... It's a good story anyway.

Hope all is well,
Aaron N.


we are moving our westsail 32 to St Petes and plan to be there by mid-december. we hope we to make your event.


Gear will be sent out 1st week of January, glad it's postponed gives me a bit more time to get it together as well!


It would be great to bring "Flambeau" back to where I found her. Almost be willing to skip class to do it to. Hope it all works out,



Hi Aaron,

Lana and I just moved our W32 to St Pete from NE Florida. We had quite an experience with a night landfall in a gale at Charlotte Harbor. We know exactly where the anchorage is but were unable to find it in the dark. We will make sure that we take time off to attend the event. I called it an event because I can't remember how to spell rendezvous.

You can check out the details for the night landfall at www.captainmontgomery.blogspot.com
Don and Lana

Aaron Norlund


Boca Pass can be a bear in happy conditions due to the tides. Spring ebb can bring a six knot current. I still get a little nervous scooting around it and I've been on the harbor most of my life. And Charlotte Harbor's five lit markers (two of which are near one another and flash the same) can be intimidating!

Glad to hear so many are interested in coming. For those who may be following our little "project", know we're going to TRY to have the electrical system installed by the rendezvous. If not, kerosene it is! Either way, we're looking forward to meeting others!

Fair leads
Aaron N.

Aaron Norlund


Bud has just sent out the flier for our rendezvous. Everything above is restated except:

I in the formatted post above, I had said the 17th and 18th. Those dates are incorrect:

The rendezvous is on the 16th and 17th of February! That is Saturday and Sunday.

I'm not sure how I managed to forget to correct it here on the forum, but Don just prodded for clarity and I realized my error.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, and do let me know via email if you plan to attend so I can send you a corrected chart with route into the anchorage (not to mention plan for beverages!)

Fair leads and shady quarters,
Aaron N.

Bud Taplin

I just did the mailing to about 140 Westsail owners in FL and some close by states. If you did not receive a flyer, then I do not have your current address. All you FL owners let me know if you did not receive it, and send me your correct address.


Any idea how many are attending?

Aaron Norlund


We're still holding steady at 5 (maybe 6) boats. These dates have turned out to be an issue for many people (so far seven people have called to opt out - who knows how many haven't called!) The Miami Boat Show is on the same weekend and many people have had plans to attend it for a while.

I'm considering setting up another rendezvous in April. Everyone I've spoken with is so enthused with the idea, but thoroughly bummed they can't make it. It's the fact that so many have paid for hotels and stuff already.

But we're still going at it on February 16th and 17th. For the 5+ boats that'll be there (and it's looking more and more like our boat will be too!), it'll be a hoot.

Fair leads to all,
Aaron N.

Aaron Norlund


Over the past three days, four of the five boats that had planned to attend have canceled for various reasons. These dates have turned out to be a poor choice; I'm going to stare through schedules of various events and try to reschedule this rendezvous for late April or mid-May.

One boat is still planning to come (Don Montgomery and a friend), but they'll likely just come alongside astern of our boat at our dock. I'm going to assume no one is planning to show without contacting me!

Please weigh in on your thoughts for dates in April and May. I clearly choose poorly this time around, so a census seems in order!

Fair leads,
Aaron N.


Aaron, for what it is worth, the weekend you picked fell on the same dates as the Miami boat show. In addition, although a gathering at the key is great for those that own boats and want to anchor out, those gatherings don't really do much for helping to maintain the boats in the public eye or seeing and talking to new adventurers. We would like to attend one with our boat sometime but we just never seem to be in the right place at the right time. So.... we end up traveling by car. Just my 2 cents.

Aaron Norlund


Thanks for the input. I found out about the boat show a month or so after scheduling it and kicked myself for it. The point with "rustic" was to try to keep it simple for our first time hosting, but when we reschedule this for April or next fall, we'll probably try to do it at or very near a port, though we were planning to have a ferry to the location and all.

But Don M. is coming down tomorrow and we'll have a hoot!

Fair leads,
Aaron N.


Thanks for your efforts to put the rendezvous together. We had a great time sailing to meet you. I admire the labor of love you are putting forth on you W32. Come up and see us sometime.


Aaron- It's a problem we had plannning the SoCal Rendezvous. Several folks would have liked to have it at Catalina Island, but that would have eliminated the 5 or 6 "wannabees", a really nice couple still refitting their 42, and 2 couples from Las Vegas (who have their boats on Lake Mead!). So we opted for the more commercial location in Long Beach, literally on the main tourist dock -but still lots of fun and we had plenty of questions to answer from passers-by. We'll do it again there this year, and then try to plan a less formal get-together at the Isthmus in the fall. Keep trying, if you plan it they will come (eventually!).

Aaron Norlund


It wasn't a total flop, despite having "canceled" it . Don, his wife, and a friend sailed their boat down, and a very nice lady who has owned her W32 for 30 years drove down from Pensacola. We all met at my dock, had lunch and had a nice afternoon. The rendezvous gear you sent didn't get wasted! Don and Lana have matching association shirts!

Fair leads,
Aaron N.

Bud Taplin

Like we have always said, two boats and a six pack make a rendezvous.


check out www.captainmontgomery.blogspot.com for a recap and photos

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