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Thread: "Waterline"

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Anthony Gonzalez

Hello Bud, I'm quite concerned about the way my 32 seems very stern heavy. I just came back from the shipyard after a new awlgrip job and bottom job and had the waterline raised two inches. The bow sits high up out of the water and the stern squats to the point where the water meets the painted waterline. I don't have any chain in the chain locker or anchors on the sprit and realize how this can affect the trim but the way she sits stern heavy seems a bit excessive. The tankage all remains in the stock locations and the fuel tanks may be at 1/4. I only have two golf cart batteries in the engine compartment. I have a perkins 4107 which is not as heavy as the original volvo. When I am under half power or more the stern squats badly putting the boot stripe well in the water and the exhaust thru hull under water. It seems like she squats more than she did before the shipyard work over. I noticed that another W32 in my marina sits in the water somewhat like mine does. That W32 has all it's associated ground tackle on the bow. There's another one close by that sits on her waterline correctly. I'm wondering if this is a common problem. Do you think I might have water in the keel if the ballast was not properly sealed? What are your recommendations. Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

Bud Taplin

I don't think you have any problems with the ballast. Probably just a trim problem. Try moving some weight forward. With the engine, fuel tanks, and batteries aft, and probably not much forward, the stern of the boat will squat.

Rod Lawson

Hi Anthony I have the opposite problem. I have two 45lb anchors up front with 100 metres of chain in the locker. I will be installing a routing pipe to take the chain midships while underway. Sounds like your problem might be resovled once you put an anchor up front with some chain.

Bud Taplin

Try not to put more than about 60 to 80 feet of chain in the bow locker. Rode is fine.

Any additional chain should be pulled away from the bow if possible. Also, carry only one anchor at a time on the bowsprit. Store the additional anchors closer to midships.

Anthony Gonzalez

Thanks for the advice. This last weekend I used the tabernacle and lowered the mast. With the mast resting on the pulpit and hanging over she sat correctly on her waterline. Now I have an idea of how much weight it takes to affect her trim. I guess seeing my neighbors W32 made me worry. He has his anchors and chain up forward and his boat's stern squats badly . I will play with idea of stowing chain where the shower pan is.

Rod Lawson

thanks for the tip Bud. I will move one of my anchors midship and reduce the amount of chain currently stowed in the chain locker up front.

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