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Thread: "3 New Tanbark Sails On EBay Main, Genny& Jib"

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3 New Tanbark Sails On EBay Main, Genny& Jib

Duane Karn

I am auctioning 3 classic looking tan bark sails, that are unused but about 20+ years old, but in excellent condition, they are a little dusty but thats about it. The Dacron and every thing about these sails is near perfect. These sails were waiting for the completion of a westsail 32 project but I have decided not to continue on.
The measurements,
The main: 34'X13'
The Genoa: 40'X22'
The jib: 25'X10'6"
The sail maker is: A. Lam Sail Maker P.O. Box 4011 Shaukiwan Hong Kong
I have a starting price of $1000 with no reserve and a buy it now price of $1700. I am quite confident that 3 new/unused sails go for more than that. Quit being a cheap skate and get some thing nice for your boat, or I can make you a sail out of old bed sheets for much cheaper.

Aaron Norlund


What are you going to do with your boat?

Fair leads,
Aaron N.

Duane Karn

Sell it. I just had enough of the people wanting a completed boat with expensive parts and extras for next to nothing especially when I fully explained that the boat is not completed and the boat was already being sold at a very cheap price(60% less than what I spent several years ago)

Ian Kiktch and Kirkley Ferguso

Interested in selling just the genoa?

Alfred and Pattie Sankowski


Frank and Melanie Scalfano

Is this an old thread? I could not find the listing on ebay.

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Yup - Posted on Saturday, October 20, 2007 - 02:40 am:

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