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Thread: "Hull Number 425 "kabuki" Does Anyone Know Some History?"

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Hull Number 425 "kabuki" Does Anyone Know Some History?


Paul and I purchased Kabuki in March, we were just wondering if anyone out there new a little history about Her. Apparently she did have another name. Would be great to hear from anyone.

Cheers Wendy



I have two listings (other than yours) in the membership roster for your boat, all with the name Kabuki. The first is

John Lelak and Linda Ojajarvi Palmetto FL, their membership expired in 2004

Ross Novak Fairbanks AK, his membership expired in 2006

I have PO Boxes for both but only the last one has an e-mail address. Write to me offline if you want me to send those to you.

You might also want to post this question in the Ask Bud section, as Bud has an even more extensive list of boats and owners and history.


opps, this is the Ask Bud section!

Bud Taplin

Wendy and Paul, My records show that you are the fifth owners, the boat was built from a kit, and still has the original name. The first owner was Phil Scott from New Hampshire. The second was John Lelak from Maine. The third was David Walkup, and the last one was Ross Novak from Alaska. I sold parts to most of the owners over the years, and the last I heard from Ross was that he was sailing the boat across the Pacific. He purchased the stainless bowsprit, chainplates, rigging, and some other additional parts from me.


Thanks Bud,
I thought Ross said the name had been changed. We are happy with Her as she is,but I was just curious.

Thanks again Wendy

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