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Thread: "2004 NorCal Rendezvous Sept 17-19"

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2004 NorCal Rendezvous Sept 17-19



The 2004 Northern California Rendezvous
September 17, 18 and 19
California Bay Area, San Leandro Marina

Contact Terry Winckler or Laura Oda for information and reservations: odincklers{remove this}@sbcglobal.net, odincklers{remove this}@sbcglobal.net. Phone: 510-769-6181 or 510-390-1709.

Welcome! All Westsails, Westsailors and those who wannabe. Bring your boat or just yourself. We have dock space for all boats (but please LET US KNOW if you are bringing a boat). Cost is $10.00 per night. Early Birds can come Friday and stay through Sunday.

Rendezvous Schedule:


Arrival of early birds
**Come by 6:30 pm and enjoy an early bird wine and beer slurping at the host boat (W42 Windlace). Bring your own barbecuables for a pot luck. (This is NOT a WOA-sanctioned event, though we all expect to be there!)


Morning: Westsails and wannabe-Westsailors arrive. Look for the Westsail flags fluttering from masts! Join us on the dock for Pete?s coffee and donuts/danish/bagels.
Registration on the dock and/or at the yacht club.

9 am? 11 am: Boat visits.

11 am: Ted Crocker presents: the amazing tale of turning an orange termite-infested W42 into the slickest, fastest, fattest Westsail of them all. Pictures, travail, heartache, victory.

Noon? 5 pm: Dock programs by the mighty sailmaker of the stars - Kern of Kern?s Sails?Bud Taplin gives his infamous two-beer surveys and prowls the docks and boats with ideas and insults galore?Sail the two-part Dipsey Doodle dinghy?Lots of visiting and ogling?and something new this year: A WESTSAIL MINI SWAP MEET!!!!! Bring an item or more to trade or sell to other Westsailors. We?ll array them on the docks.

6:30 pm: Drinks and dinner at the yacht club. Cost per person: $15, not including drinks. Afterwards, a surprise program and giveaway of many prizes courtesy of Randy Leasure.


Morning? Breakfast at the yacht club. Cost per person: $5.

Bon Voyage all day!


If by sea:
San Leandro Channel: The approach is pretty straightforward but remember: YOU MUST STAY INSIDE THE CHANNEL MARKERS. Unless you want to hang out in the mud until the next tidal change. The marina entrance is at 37 40.30 Lat, 122 13.29 Long. After entering the marina area, turn left into the marina itself. We will monitor channels 9 and 16.

If by land:
Exit the 880 Freeway at Marina Blvd. Exit west. Continue on Marina Blvd. And then bear left on Neptune Dr. Turn right on N. Dike Rd. for San Leandro Yacht Club or turn on S. Dike Rd. to find all the boats. There are gates at the dock so call Terry or wave us down and someone will let you in. For out of towners, the Oakland Airport is very close. The San Leandro Marina Inn is directly on the water next to everything. They can be reached at 800-786-7783.

The San Leandro Yacht Club welcomes all of you Westsailors! If you would like more information about the area please visit our website, particularly our page devoted to cruise in information!


Are reservations required for Saturday dinner? Thanks, Christie



The 2005 Northern California Rendezvous
September 16 17 and 18
California Bay Area, San Leandro Marina

Details to Follow

Contact Terry Winckler for information and reservations (contact info available in the Membership Roster)

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