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Thread: "Mast Assending Steps & Mainsail Track System"

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Mast Assending Steps & Mainsail Track System


Bud, you sent us a photo and dimensions of the mast ascending steps that you offer. We like the enclosed SS model. I made a mock prototype and there is no way I can get my big old size 13 shoe in that 5 1/8". Do they make them a little wider?

Secondly, you mentioned that you recomnended a certain main sail track system. Could you please send us the particulars on that system.


Bud Taplin

Sorry, that is the only size of stainless closed step that I know of. You could bend the straps out some at the end of the teak tread, then back in. The vertical clearance would be less, but that might work for you. Otherwise, you will have to go to the fold-up aluminum steps.

I will have to investigate the sail track system.

Bud Taplin

There is a good article on mainsail mast tracks in the September, 2007 issue of Latitudes and Attitudes.


Have you heard anything Pro or Con about TidesMarine's "Strong Sail Track". Their low friction sail track is made of a UHMW-PE material which will slide over the existing external SS track. I've used UHMW material to replace our wood rubrails; it has held up 5-6 years of direct UV with no apparent damage. The stuff is tuff, I just don't know it's "track" record as being a good track material.

Anyway their system appears to require the fewest modification to our mast (none) and is realatively inexpensive when compared to other systems. That is if it last.


I will get a copy of that Lat. & Att.

Bud Taplin

I have a copy of the article, scanned in if you need it.


Yes, thank you that would be greatly appreciated. Can you post it here or would it be easier to send it to us at jdkaiser2928@sbcglobal.net.

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