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Thread: "Deck Replacement"

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Deck Replacement


Monica and I like our teak decks, but I don't like -- and don't trust -- the hundreds of screw holes (not factory installed) going into the fiberglass of Robin's deck. I want to remove the teak and seal the deck. Is there some way of fastening new teak without screws? Some form of adhesive that would keep the wood stuck to the glass?
Doug Campbell


Visit teakdeckingsystems.com . I just finished this project on my boat. I labeled & removed the existing deck in sections (to keep from being overwhelmed), resurfaced the boards in a bench planer to 1/2", routed new caulking groves, adhered the boards with Teak Decking Systems epoxy using the original screws with fender washers to clamp the boards in place, removed the screws, filled the holes with epoxy and bungs, caulked the seams with TDS seam caulk. About $500 and maybe 100 man hours. I was fortunate I had no deck delamination except about an inch around the deck fills and a small area where I found a chunk of debris under the top skin that prevented proper lamination 30 years ago! Email me directly wiht any questions you have.


Tom, I tried to find the website you cited but it keeps giving me a list of sponsored links instead of a website for Teak Decking Systems. Any ideas?



Oops! Teak Decking Systems is the name of the company. Teakdecking.com is the website. Their products can be ordered directly via Teak Hut and they are also available through Jamestown Distributors jamestowndistributors.com

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