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Thread: "Primary Winch Size - WS42"

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Primary Winch Size - WS42


We are refitting a cutter rigged WS42 that came with no primary winches. I understand that oversizing is the way to go, but I still need to know where to start. I would appreciate any advice.

Bud Taplin

Get the largest ones you can afford.


Does that mean 50s, 60s maybe 70s? There goes my first born (just joking); anyway do you know what the boat had originally?

Bud Taplin

Originally, the buyers decided how much they wanted to spend on winches, because the standard ones were always too small and not self-tailing. Besides, the originals were Barlow or Barient, both of which are no longer made. Anderson makes good self-tailing stainless winches, and I might be able to get them at a fairly good price for you. Pick the ones you want, and send me an email.

Norm Rhines

I have seen some 45s and some 48s on some of the W42s
that I have been aboard.
I would probably shoot for 48 or above, 2 speed self tailing.
Mabe find some one who is going electric and get there old self tailing ones. (used)

So you know I own a W32 so this is just what I have observed. I can not vouch for the real loads required. (but it should be close)

Best of luck.


Good information! I guess I'll be monitoring e-bay, again.


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