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Thread: "W 32 For Sale...."

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W 32 For Sale....

Dave Kall

Don't know about the quality but thought I should post this here; found on Latitude 38's site:

WESTSAIL 32, 1976. Hull, sails, mast, boom, rigging good. Vast inventory of equipment. Invest 3 months of sweat equity and you'll have a bulletproof world cruiser. Located Atascadero in dry storage. $15,000/obo. (805) 238-3230 or (805) 975-5316.

Bud Taplin

The boat sold within a few days of the ad coming out on my website. You snooze, you lose.


There is W32 on Ebay. looks nice.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=005&sspagename=STRK% 3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=150142191074&rd=1&rd=1

Bud Taplin

This W32 with a flush deck in San Carlos is an absolute bargain if it sells near the current high bid price of $12,000. Anyone looking for a fixer W32 should seriously consider it. I have no personal information on the boat, as I did not even have it on my list of Westsail boats. I believe the EBay bid closes on July 14, so you cannot delay contacting the owner.

Fred K. Cheney

The bid ends on July 21...


While ISO my boat I find this 1973 W32.in Arizona. never in the water. needs engine installed (new Bukh 2cyl on the pallet)
Could be deal of the lifetime for the right person. All for only 20K! stove, heater, head. Is all there.
if interested please call Carson Miller 520-440-6633
I myself never seen the boat and posting it for the owner.

Michael Dougan

Just traded e-mails with a guy who is buying the boat in Arizona. He'd asked me about a boat that I mentioned in a post from a couple of years back about another Westsail 32 that was in the midwest somewhere (Indiana?) that had never been in the water.

The owner had spent about 20 years fitting it out, and it is pretty close to complete, but he'd decided to sell it.

I gave the guy the owners phone number and he called and said that it is still available for 32K which is a pretty good deal for what it is. There are still some pictures of it up on this site:


If anyone is interested, just write to me and I'll pass along the guy's phone number.


Bud Taplin

Mike, You might mention to him that I do have a place on my website for Westsail owners to list their boats for sale.
The site does get a lot of attention considering how often I have to put SOLD signs on the ads.

Thomas and Diane Curran

Im interested in the W32 in a box, BStraub
Please send me contact info

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