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Thread: "Putting In A Heater"

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Putting In A Heater

I am putting in a heater in my w32.
Could you recommend one? The Cozy by Froce 10 puts out only 6000 BTUs. I am not sure that is enough for the w32. I live in Nor Cal, and it can get very cold here.


The Dickinson Diesel/Kerosene heater produces 16,000 BTUs. I will have a slightly used one for sale in the next month if you are interested.

I am interested. I have heard that diesel heaters
are a bit dirty. Have you found them dirty? How much would you be selling it for?

Bud Taplin

Diesel heaters usually burn clean, if they are properly vented and adjusted. A charcoal burning heater does leave a lot of soot on the cabintop. A fan located next to the heater will help distribute the warm air throughout the cabin. Better yet, sail down to the tropics, and you won't need a heater.


Thanks for the response.
Here's dump question:
The dielel/Kerosene heater needs a pressured fuel supply;is that correct? What would this entail, some kind of pump that would run off the battery?



You need to install a low pressure pump unless the unit is mounted lower than your fuel tanks (which would allow gravity feed). The unit is installed in a W32 I recently purchased. The boat is being delivered to my home in early August at which point I can better evaluate the condition of the heater and set a fair price. I have the heater, pump, and vent pipe w/ deck cap. Drop me an email if interested and I'll get in touch with you as soon as my boat arrives

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