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Ask Bud


Bud----Are there still patterns available or at least rough dimensions for the interior ply. Right now I'm looking for the original set up for the forepeak bunks and storage .

Bud Taplin

I do not have any patterns, but do have some interior drawings with some dimensions.


The floor in the cockpit of my 32 lifts up for access to the engine. I have been looking for some kind of fastner that i could install that would take very little time to undo and sits flush to the surface. Do you have or know of a fastner? I have found nothing so far.


The cockpit sole on my 28 lifts up too but it is very heavy and you have to turn it just right and hold your mouth just so in order to get it out past the engine controls. I never can remember from time to time just how it comes out. I'm thinking about sealing it and bolting it down good and tight and then installing a smaller watertight opening hatch that I could open even at sea to crawl down inside if I need to. Haven't located just the right hatch yet, but then again I haven't really started looking in earnest yet.


I had thought about using bolts epoxyed up through the flange in the four corners and using wing nuts although you could use cap nuts to make it more flush and a little more work

Bud Taplin

Many owners have installed a low profile aluminum hatch in the cockpit floor for easy access to the engine compartment. Bolt down the fiberglass floor using a good gasket material instead of caulking. There are also some other ideas in my Westsail Service Manual, Pages C-5 and C-6.

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