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Thread: "Mast Wall Thickness"

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Mast Wall Thickness


Bud, or anyone...
Do you know the wall thickness of the mast on a W28? I have some aluminum mast steps to install and need to buy the right size rivets.

s/v Siempre Sabado



Hope this isn't too late. Since my mast is down (all paint scraped off, getting ready to prime and repaint), I measured it with a calipher. The mast thickness is 1/8", the boom is 3/32".

s/v Wings of the Morning


Not to worry. At the snail's pace that I move, information seldom arrives too late. Thanks for the info. Oh and I decided to scrap the rivet idea unless I get a lot better rivet tool than my Home Depot special. The few I put on leave me with a very insecure feeling. I think I'll use SS screws coated with some kind of bedding compound to ease the dissimilar metals worries.

Thanks again,

Bud Taplin

Use duct tape on the base of the steps where they come in contact with the mast. This will insulate the mast. Use Tefgel from Forespar on the screws.

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