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Thread: "Rigging Plans"

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Rigging Plans


Hello Bud,

I understand that there may be rigging plans available on DVD, if so I would like to purchase a copy. Also can you please tell me what the cost of an individual chainplate would be?



Bud Taplin

I do have the rigging plan available in a scanned in file. Contact me directly for a copy, and also for chainplate info. I have them available and in stock. btaplin@westsail.com

I also have a DVD of lowering the mast with a tabernacle base if anyone wants a copy.


Hello Bud - does that include rigging plan for 42's?

Bud Taplin

There is some rigging dimension information in the Westsail factory construction manual for the W42, but it is not scanned into files. I also have some large blueprint drawings I can make copies of.


Bud, Could you tell me the mast height on my WS32 factory #329. Thanks, Jon


Thanks. I was thinking around 50'. Good to know!Much appreciated.


Bud Taplin

The mast itself is 43' long. The cabintop is about 5' above the waterline, so the overall is about 48'.



Last month I crewed for Don Lacoste, sailing his Heron down from Belfast ME to Mill Creek VA - GREAT experience. I've been able to study both Heron and Jura's (Wayne Tillett) sailplan and rigging systems, and it never fails to amaze me how different each W32 is, both in rig and finish details. The construction manual does not have a detailed rigging plan (both standing and running) and I wondered if you had those factory plans available? My boat (#296) has a basic rig that is not much more elaborate than a daysailer, so I'm starting over from scratch. Thanks, Tom Koehl

Bud Taplin

Tom, I do have a blueprint of the sailplan. Also there is some info on the CD I have of the factory construction manual.

Regarding your question about insulation, I have used closed cell skinned polyethylene insulation. Goes under the trade names of Volan 5A and Ethafoam. A 3M contact adhesive will stick it to the hullsides. Also see Page E-2 of my Westsail Service Manual.



I'm out of town again, but when I get back later this month I'll email you to get a copy of the sailplan blueprint. I've searched the construction manual CD and it shows the mast/boom fittings, standing rigging, and sizing for the halyards/sheets, but I'm wondering what upgrades the factory made and/or recommended at the end of the production run. I need to move my two Barient 22 winches the cabin top aft, new cleats on the aft cabin side, running backstays, two larger jibsheet winches and new mainsheet rig. Beyond that, I'll take it a piece at a time. Am I missing some key detail in the construction CD? Tom Koehl

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