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Thread: "Recommended Prop"

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Recommended Prop


Hi Bud- I am thinking about repowering with the 1505 and wondered what you recommend for prop size if I am considering the J-Prop- also, in your manual, you mention that the prop shaft changes if a folding prop is uded but I do not see any details- Can you explain what needs to be changed? Thanks!

Bud Taplin

I recommend a 2.5 to 1 reduction on the transmission, and use a 16x15 or 16x16 RH fixed prop. If you choose a 2 to 1 reduction, then a 16x13 prop is the one to use.
The J Prop and the Max Prop are longer in the hub and blades when feathered, so the front of the hub has to be right up against the end of the bronze shaft log so the back end will not interfer with the cutout in the rudder.


Thanks Bud- so does that mean that the prop shaft has to be cut? Or is there room for adjustment with engine mounting, etc.?


We just went through this proceedure over the winter. The shaft that to be shortened. A good machine shop will be able to cut down the shaft (coupling end) and broach a new keyway for you. Measure carefully! We installed a Vari-prop which is produced by a German firm. The J-prop would have been a first choice due to design considerations. We were able to locate the Vari-prop locally at a price we couldn't refuse. After the shaft was cut, we were able to just get the prop into the aperature between the end of the shaft and the rudder. When installed on the taper, the prop hub is about 1/4" from the shaft log/cutlass bearing. It worked out quite well. We opted to install a dripless shaft seal during all this. As an extra perk, we can actually steer while backing up now. That alone was worth it.

Mike & Jenny
W32 #645 Namida

Bud Taplin

Ageed, you really have to measure carefully to change the shaft length to fit any of the feathering props. They all have to be right up close to the shaft log housing so they clear the rudder cutout, and are able to be installed. You can also cut some off the end of the shaft log, or cut some out of the rudder and re-fiberglass it. Seems like some work involved, but the increased performance under both sail and power makes it worth it. That is providing you have lots of extra "boat bucks", as the props are pricey.

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